Trump shares his own ‘mugshot’ to cash in on indictment

Trump has raised millions for campaign off looming indictment

Josh Marcus
San Francisco
Tuesday 04 April 2023 20:08 BST
Donald Trump silent as he enters courtroom before pleading not guilty for fraud

As Donald Trump headed into a Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday to face criminal charges over hush money payments, his campaign quickly lept into fundraising mode, putting out a commemorative t-shirt featuring a mock-up mugshot of the former president and the words “NOT GUILTY.”

In a message to supporters, the campaign claimed Mr Trump, who pleaded not guilty and was not expected to actually be photographed for a mugshot, was indicted despite “committing no crime” in an attempt to “bleed our campaign dry by dragging us through witch hunt after witch hunt.”

“What better way to PROVE that our campaign will NEVER SURRENDER our country to the Left’s tyranny than countless grassroots patriots proudly wearing their very own “NOT GUILTY” T-shifts,” the message continues, before asking for a $47 donation.

The Trump campaign is fundraising off the former president’s indictment
The Trump campaign is fundraising off the former president’s indictment (Donald Trump 2024 campaign)

It’s not the first time the Trump campaign has attempted to cash-in on the charges, the first time a current or former US president has faced criminal charges.

As The Independent has reported, Mr Trump has raised millions of dollars in a matter of days for his campaign, with emails to supporters about the looming indictment featuring press clippings from The New York Times and calls to “defend our movement.”

The former president’s campaign boasted that he raised more than $4m in the 24 hours after New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s announcement of the indictment, which Mr Trump’s campaign called the “unprecedented political persecution of the president”. Within three days, Mr Trump’s campaign reportedly raised $7m.

Mr Trump arrived to the Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday afternoon, where he raised a defiant fist as crowds gathered outside to watch the unprecedented spectacle.

Just before arriving, Mr Trump wrote on Truth Social: “Heading to Lower Manhattan, the Courthouse. Seems so SURREAL — WOW, they are going to ARREST ME.”

“Can’t believe this is happening in America.”

After entering the courthouse, Mr Trump was arrested, fingerprinted, and taken to his arraignment.

As Mr Trump’s charges played out inside the court, on the street outside, violent clashes occurred between rival groups of protesters, and Republican congressmembers Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos spoke.

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