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Hong Kong protests: Police officer mobbed by crowd pulls gun on protesters amid violent clashes at airport

Journalist detained by demonstrators as anger grows

Zamira Rahim
Tuesday 13 August 2019 18:27 BST
Clashes at Hong Kong airport as riot police try to stop anti-extradition bill protesters

Hong Kong police officers and pro-democracy protesters have clashed at the city’s airport as anti-government demonstrations continue.

Operations at the airport were severely disrupted for a second day. The scuffles broke out in the evening between police and protesters, after an injured person was taken out of the main terminal by medics.

Several police vehicles were blocked by protesters, and riot police moved in, pushing some protesters back and using pepper spray at times.

Protesters detained two men, declaring that both were suspected undercover police officers who had infiltrated the crowds.

Hong Kong’s police force had earlier claimed to have infiltrated the protesters’ ranks.

Medics removed one man, but another was held for two hours.

His wrists were bound and water poured over his body, after a mainland China card was found in his bag.

The man told the crowd he was a journalist from China.

Eventually emergency services brought the man out of the terminal.

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If you would like to see how the protests unfolded, please see what was our live coverage below:


Welcome to our coverage of the Hong Kong protests

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 16:49

Protesters and police officers have clashed violently at Hong Kong's international airport.

The city's embattled leader Carrie Lam said the instability was pushing the city towards "the path of no return".

Hong Kong's Airport Authority said in a statement that protesters had blocked passageways to the airport's restricted area, barring passengers from proceeding to immigration.

Protesters fought with police officers, who used pepper spray to keep back the crowds.

Several police vehicles were blocked amid heated scenes.

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:06

Donald Trump has described the violence in Hong Kong as "very tough."

The US president said he hoped matters in the city state would work out "for liberty" and that he hoped no one would get hurt.

Protesters in the city clashed with riot police on Tuesday evening. 

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:08

Chaos has broken out at Hong Kong's airport as riot police fight with protesters.

Officers armed with pepper spray and batons are clashing with demonstrators, who used luggage carts to barricade entrances to the airport terminal.

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:10

Protesters inside the airport have detained a man they suspect of being an undercover police officer.

After emptying out his belongings, they found a blue T-shirt that has been worn by pro-Beijing supporters that they said was evidence he was a spy.

Photographs of the man circulating on social media appeared to show his wrists fastened with cable ties.

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:15

Police officers said they were trying to reach an injured man inside Hong Kong's airport when the violence broke out.

The man was reportedly also detained by protesters on suspicion of being an undercover agent.

As the violence continues, UN officials have spoken out to condemn the authorities' tactics.

Rupert Colville said the UN Human Rights Office had also reviewed credible evidence that police are using "less-lethal weapons in ways that are prohibited by international norms."

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:20

Photos are beginning to filter in from Hong Kong airport, where riot police are becoming increasingly aggressive.

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:30

China's UN mission has claimed that pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong smashed public facilities, paralysed the airport, blocked public transport and used lethal weapons, "showing a tendency of resorting to terrorism".

Michelle Bachelet, the UN's human rights chief, had earlier urged Beijing to exercise restraint in its response to growing unrest in the territory.

"The Chinese central government firmly supports Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the HK SAR government in discharging their duties in compliance with the law and supports the Hong Kong police force and judicial organs in enforcing the law decisively," a spokesperson for the UN mission said, in response to Ms Bachelet's comments.

Protesters in the city are calling for Carrie Lam's resignation. The Hong Kong leader is a pro-Beijing figure and China has kept a close eye on the demonstrations.

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:37

Hong Kong's airport authority has advised people to not come to the hub, which is one of the busiest in the world.

Check-in for flights departing after 4.30pm was suspended as protesters filled the airport.

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 17:50

More details are emerging about one of the two men being held by pro-democracy protesters inside the airport.

Demonstrators suspect both men of being undercover police officers.

Protesters tied one man's wrists with plastic strips and poured water over his head.

They claimed he was an officer from mainland China.

Sally Tong, an 18-year-old protester, said they needed to keep holding him as evidence that mainland Chinese authorities are in Hong Kong to monitor the demonstrations.

Ms Tong said the man was dressed in black and wore a mask to look like one of them.

"We want to keep him here and investigate," Ms Tong said.

Protesters said the man dropped his wallet when he was running away from them, and they found ID cards from mainland China and also found his name on a list of police officers online.

Hong Kong's police force has previously said it has infiltrated the demonstrators, leading to concerns that officers were inciting violence.

Zamira Rahim13 August 2019 18:00

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