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Fury vs Ngannou LIVE: Latest boxing fight updates and reaction after controversial result in Saudi Arabia

Re-live all the action after Tyson Fury was knocked by and won a controversial decision against MMA star Francis Ngannou

Alex Pattle
Combat Sports Correspondent
Sunday 29 October 2023 12:56 GMT
Tyson Fury hints at next steps after Francis Ngannou victory

Tyson Fury won a controversial decision against Francis Ngannou in the pair’s boxing match on Saturday night, surviving a knockdown by the MMA star in Saudi Arabia.

Fury entered Riyadh with an unbeaten professional record, while ex-UFC champion Ngannou was making his boxing debut. Fury, 35, did not defend his WBC heavyweight title in the fight, which went for all 10 scheduled rounds and saw Ngannou, 37, arguably do enough to beat the boxer.

The Cameroonian dropped the Briton with a left hook in Round 3, stunning those in attendance and the wider combat-sports world. Ngannou continued to outbox Fury for much of the bout, only to be denied a victory when the scorecards were read aloud.

After a close fight, Fury was named a split-decision winner, and he faced off with unified heavyweight boxing champion Oleksandr Usyk, whom he is expected to fight next – also in Saudi.

Re-live all the action with our fight updates and results, below.


Fury vs Ngannou LIVE

Frame it.

(Getty Images)
Alex Pattle29 October 2023 00:01

Fury vs Ngannou: Round 4

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
Alex Pattle29 October 2023 00:01

Fury vs Ngannou: Round 4

What now, then? Does Ngannou go for the finish, or does he hold off? I can’t believe I just wrote that...

Fury misses with a left hook. Ngannou lands a cross, then jabs to the body.

Ngannou looks so relaxed in there, he is almost dancing around.

Fury skims a left hook off Ngannou’s head, but Ngannou is unperturbed and responds quickly. A clinch ensues, with both men landing shots on the inside. They separate, and both boxers open up now.

Ngannou has just powered Fury onto the ropes. Fury lands a chopping cross. Now a one-two! Now both men land simultaneously! It feels like either could go down at any moment...

Fury misses with a sloppy right cross as he steps in.

Alex Pattle29 October 2023 00:00

Fury vs Ngannou: Round 3

Ngannou laughs in Fury’s face, as the Briton sits on the canvas! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Fury beats the count. I am shaking. Fury survives to the end of the round, and he and Ngannou touch gloves.


Alex Pattle28 October 2023 23:56

Fury vs Ngannou: Round 3

Fury pawed at his forehead after leaning into the left hook that cut him. Later in the round, Ngannou got good head control in the clinch and fired off a nice uppercut.

Round 3. Both men are back to standing orthodox. Lots of jittery feints from Fury. Ngannou stays calm in front of him. Stern jab by Ngannou. Fury comes back with a cross up top.

In case anyone was wondering: Yes, Ngannou can box. And you know what? He can box pretty well.

Ngannou covers up to block a cross, then DROPS TYSON FURY WITH A LEFT HOOK! OH, MY WORD!

Alex Pattle28 October 2023 23:55

Fury vs Ngannou: Round 2

Strong jab to the body by Ngannou, who then bites heavily on a jab effort by Fury.

Slick jab by Fury, who then steps off to his left. Ngannou chases Fury, missing with a left hook to the body but landing on his next attempt.

Another couple of jabs by Fury, who then ducks into a left hook! Great shot by Ngannou!

Fury has been cut on the forehead! Yeah, against a martial artist?

Now both men go southpaw! Decent cross from Ngannou in that stance.

The heavyweights barrel into a clinch, but they don’t stay there long. Fury initiates another one, though.

Alex Pattle28 October 2023 23:52

Fury vs Ngannou: Round 1

Both fighters stand orthodox. Everyone in the crowd is on their feet.

Fury misses with a hook. Ngannou jabs to the body but is tagged with a counter cross. Both men miss with left hooks. Ngannou tries for a right overhand but misses.

Decent, step-in jab by Ngannou, then a bit of punching in the clinch. The heavyweights separate. Fury jabs to the chest.

Both fighters land simultaneous jabs. Ngannou can’t quite time a left hook, but it’s almost on point.

The Cameroonian fires to the body again. Solid right hook to the body by Ngannou! Good right cross from Fury upstairs, though!

Ngannou with a grazing cross of his own! Fury steps in with a jab; Ngannou’s counter left hook partially lands!

A fun first round!!

Alex Pattle28 October 2023 23:48

Fury vs Ngannou: Main event under way


Alex Pattle28 October 2023 23:44

Fury vs Ngannou: Ring walks

Fury and Ngannou are in the ring. This is really happening.

Michael Buffer makes the official fighter introductions.

Ngannou stands at 6ft 4in; Fury is billed at 6ft 9in.

Alex Pattle28 October 2023 23:43

Fury vs Ngannou: Ring walks

Tyson Fury makes his way to the ring in Riyadh (Getty Images)
Alex Pattle28 October 2023 23:39

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