Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz LIVE: Boxing fight result and reaction from Dallas

Relive the action as YouTube star Jake Paul beats former UFC star Diaz by unanimous decision in 10-round fight

Michael Jones,Stuti Mishra
Monday 07 August 2023 06:53 BST
Jake Paul says people don't think he's a 'real person' ahead of Tommy Fury fight

Jake Paul beat Nate Diaz by unanimous decision in their highly-anticipated boxing match in Dallas as he knocked down the mixed martial arts star en route to victory.

Diaz was fighting for the first time since leaving the UFC and proved an awkward opponent on his boxing debut in front of a Texas crowd that was hugely in his favour, although he lacked the power to really hurt his heavily-favoured opponent.

YouTuber Paul knocked him down in the fifth round of their 10-round contest but Diaz got back to his feet and made the final bell. However, the judges’ scorecards showed the relatively one-sided nature of the victory as he prevailed 97-92, 98-91, 98-91.

With his record as a professional boxer now at 7-1, attention turns to Paul’s next contest. He has offered Diaz $10m for a fight under MMA rules, with the former UFC star considering the offer, while a rematch to avenge his sole loss earlier this year against Tommy Fury – half-brother of world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson – could also be a possibility.

Relive the fight below.


Ashton Sylve vs William Silva

Round Four: Sylve has a couple of different combos up his sleeve and throws them at different speeds. Quick and quicker.

Both fighters trade blows to the body before Sylve up the work rate and lands two, three punches on Silva who manages to get out of it with a strong left hook that catches Sylve unawares.

A right hook to the body hurts Silva again.

Knockout! Ashton H2O Sylve gets his straight right to land right at the end of the round. Silva’s head snaps back and he drops.

The teenager wins by knockout! Very impressive win.

Mike Jones6 August 2023 03:07

Ashton Sylve vs William Silva

Round Three: Ashton Sylve will want the knockout know. He knows he’s got the power to trouble Silva now. This is smart boxing from Sylve though who’s being patient and waiting for his opening.

A couple of jabs follow after he switches to southpaw again. A right hand to the body gets Silva to wince. Sylve clocks Silva on the chin with a straight right.

The bell goes after another body shot from the teenager.

Mike Jones6 August 2023 03:02

Ashton Sylve vs William Silva

Round Two: Sylve starts off the second round as a southpaw before switching back to the orthodox stance. He lands a right to the chin and follows up with one to the body.

There’s a clinch allowing Sylve to go to the body with a left then uppercut with the right. Silva’s having a poor round here. He throws a combo and lands a couple of decent shots but takes a left hook to the side of the head.

Knockdown! Sylve pins Silva with a powerful left hook to the body and drops the older man!

Silva manages to get back to his feet but that one hurt him.

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:59

Ashton Sylve vs William Silva

Round One: Sylve is undefeated in his nine previous fights. Eight of those victories have come through knockout too. Can the 19-year-old earn another victory here?

Silva starts off with a couple of jabs to the body before Sylve tries assert himself on the opening round. His nickname if H2O due to the fluid footwork he’s got.

A short hand from Silva connects before Sylve comes back at him. Sylve’s missed a few of his heavier shots in this opener.

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:54

Ashton Sylve vs William Silva

Three more fights to go on the undercard before the main event between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz.

Both of the fights we’ve seen so far have gone the distance, will this one follow that trend?

William Silva comes to the ring ahead of his clash with the young Ashton Sylve. Who’s going to take this one?

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:46

Shadasia Green wins unanimous decision versus Olivia Curry

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:45

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz explained why he took this fight against Jake Paul saying: "Besides Canelo (Alvarez) he’s the biggest thing in boxing.

"I’m here to conquer that. I’m the King of combat sports and then I’m headed back to get my UFC belts."

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:42

Shadasia Green wins unanimous decision versus Olivia Curry

That was a solid 10 rounds for Shadasia Green who has shown how skillful a boxer she is. Green will now be hoping for a world title shot against Savannah Marshall.

She may even get it.

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:38

Shadasia Green wins unanimous decision against spirited Olivia Curry

There’s a bunch of swelling on Olivia Curry’s forehead and it looks as though Shadasia Green has a small cut on her left eye. The judges come to a unanimous decision.

Shadasia Green takes the bout!

These were the scores: 99-91, 100-90, 100-89

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:35

Shadasia Green vs Olivia Curry

Round Ten: The message from Green’s corner is ‘finish her’. She’ll want this knockout but Curry’s steadfastness has been mightily impressive.

Green doesn’t want to overcommit, a right hook lands on Curry’s chin but doesn’t wobble her. Curry steps forward again looking to throw a combination herself.

She’s met with a two-hook combo which hurts.

The bell goes, Curry goes the distance but she won’t be winning this one. Regardless Curry has a huge smile on her face as she embraces Green.

Mike Jones6 August 2023 02:33

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