Super Bowl 2021 betting preview: Best bets and odds on points spread, props and more

The Super Bowl will attract billions of dollars of bets as the Buccaneers battle the Chiefs for the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Jack Rathborn@JackRathborn
Friday 05 February 2021 18:31
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The Super Bowl is here and Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcome Patrick Mahomes and defending champions Kansas City Chiefs to their own home to decide who lifts the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

While the action on the field is of interest from a sporting sense, the big game draws an enormous amount of interest from the gambling industry, pulling in many casual fans, with data showing approximately 26 million Americans will wager on the game in some capacity for a total of around $7 billion (£5.1 billion).

Betfair spokesman Sam Rosbottom confirmed that 90 per cent of bets last year, when the Chiefs upset the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV, came on the Sunday itself, while he also confirmed from the bookies’ perspective, Brady and the Bucs causing the upset would be the worst-case scenario given their popularity with punters - with some of them able to match the Bucs before the season started at 74/1 for a mega payout.

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Last year, we saw the Chiefs enter the game at a -1.5 favourite, with the total points line set at 53.5 points - the biggest underdog of recent times was the New York Giants, who covered an underdog at +12 points versus the New England Patriots and won outright at Super Bowl XLII.

There is not just the action on the field to consider when making a bet, you can find a wager on pretty much anything surrounding the event as a whole: including the national anthem, sung by Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan, the half-time concert by The Weeknd and even what colour the Gatorade bath will be for the winning coach.

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Here are a selection of odds for the moneyline, points spread and best prop bets: 

Selected Prop Bets from Betfair

MVP Award - Patrick Mahomes v The Field

Patrick Mahomes - Evens

The Field - 8/11

Tom Brady - Passing Yards

Tom Brady Over +296.5: 5/6

Tom Brady Under +296.5: 5/6

Tom Brady touchdown scorer

First: 16/1

Last: 17/1

Tom Brady Interception

Tom Brady Yes: 4/7

Tom Brady No: 5/4

Patrick Mahomes - Passing Yards

Patrick Mahomes Over +329.5: 5/6

Patrick Mahomes Under +329.5: 5/6

Patrick Mahomes touchdown scorer

First: 25/1

Last: 20/1

Tyreek Hill - Receiving Yds

Tyreek Hill Over +94.5: 5/6

Tyreek Hill Under +94.5: 5/6

Travis Kelce - Receiving Yds

Travis Kelce Over +98.5: 5/6

Travis Kelce Under +98.5: 5/6

Prop Bet Novelties

Gatorade dunk

Orange: 6/4

Red/Pink: 13/5

Clear/Water: 4/1

Yellow/Green/Lime: 4/1

Blue: 5/1

Purple: 17/2

Who will the MVP mention first?

Team Mates: Evens

God/Religion: 5/2

Opposition Team: 4/1

Winning City: 6/1

Coaches: 7/1

Family: 7/1

Does Not Mention Any Listed: 10/1

Disney: 10/1

Owner: 10/1

Referee: 25/1

Length of National Anthem

Over 118.5 Seconds: 5/6

Under 118.5 Seconds: 5/6

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First Quarterback to be shown during National Anthem

Patrick Mahomes: 10/11

Tom Brady: 10/11

Will Tom Brady Announce His Retirement? Deadline End of Press Conference

Yes: 4/1

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