Olympic bouldering and climbing schedule: Day-by-day events, dates and times for finals at Tokyo 2020

Speed climbing, bouldering and lead qualification schedule for Tokyo 2020

Karl Matchett
Wednesday 04 August 2021 09:34
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The climbing events at the Tokyo Olympics take place this week, a somewhat controversial inclusion at the Games - not the sport itself, but the grouping of them together for just one set of medals for each of the men and women.

As a result, athletes will compete in each of the speed, bouldering and lead climbing events, with the eventual winners for the final events determined by their overall scoring from the three disciplines.

Climbers have not been particularly happy about the decision, given the huge difference in elite performance between speed and bouldering, for example, and this will be rectified for the 2024 Olympics where speed will be its own event.

For this summer, though, there’s just a single gold medal to fight for across two days of competing.

Here are all the events and their schedules for climbing at the Olympics, with all times BST.

Tuesday 3 August

  • Men’s Combined, Speed qualification (9am)
  • Men’s Combined, Bouldering qualification (10am)
  • Men’s Combined, Lead qualification (1:10pm)

Wednesday 4 August

  • Women’s Combined, Speed qualification (9am)
  • Women’s Combined, Bouldering qualification (10am)
  • Women’s Combined, Lead qualification (1:10pm)

Thursday 5 August

  • Men’s Combined, Speed final (9:30am)
  • Men’s Combined, Bouldering final (10:30am)
  • Men’s Combined, Lead final - gold medal event (1:10pm)

Friday 6 August

  • Women’s Combined, Speed final (9:30am)
  • Women’s Combined, Bouldering final (10:30am)
  • Women’s Combined, Lead final - gold medal event (1:10pm)

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