Handsome University Challenge contestant Ed Bretherton sends Twitter into overdrive

Student looks set to appear on the show again, much to viewers' delight 

Aftab Ali
Student Editor
Tuesday 08 March 2016 10:52

University Challenge never fails to get Twitter talking at the start of the week. Whether it’s to discuss fashion, hairstyles, interesting degree subjects, or unique ways of thinking.

Well, Monday night wasn’t going to be any different as viewers took to the site after they just couldn’t get enough of this one contestant who was a bit easy on the eye.

Cue Ed Bretherton, student of medicine, from the University of Liverpool who sent the audience at home into a bit of a swoon:

And Monday night wasn’t the first time, either, that the future Dr Bretherton’s appearance had proved to be a bit too much for some viewers. His last appearance in February had pretty much the same effect too, with one viewer even saying he was “positively Keanu-like”:

One user had even used the hashtag #swooniversitychallenge, which we really rather liked:

His return was just too much for some:

The end result saw the Liverpool team beat Imperial 185 to 130, meaning one thing, and one thing only - we haven't seen the last of Bretherton yet:

The Imperial College London team also saw the return of former Twitter star, ‘Bezer the geezer’. Despite the team’s loss, they’ll have one more chance to come back and qualify. So we haven’t seen the last of Bezer either.

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