Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event - live: New Macs and spooky surprises expected at shock live launch

Hallowe’en event rumoured to bring fast new professional computers

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 31 October 2023 00:38 GMT
Apple Holding Keynote Event on Monday Night

Apple is set to hold its latest event – and is promising that it will be “scary”.

The event will begin the day before Hallowe’en and is rumoured to be bringing a host of new Macs. The company teased it with an invitation reading “Scary Fast” and apparent references to the Mac operating system.

It is Apple’s third major event of the year, after the iPhone launch in September and its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. At WWDC, Apple revealed its new augmented reality headset, which might also feature in the upcoming launch.

Otherwise, Apple is rumoured to be updating its iMac with a new chip, and putting new processors in its high end, 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

It will begin at 5pm local pacific time, which is 8pm eastern or midnight in the UK. It will be livestreamed on YouTube as well as Apple’s website.


Apple launches MacBook Pro, 24-inch iMac and new chips

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:38

No more events likely this year

Tim Cook gave a little wrap-up of 2023 at the end of the event, talking about how much has been introduced this year. That’s probably intended as much as anything to signal that there’ll be no more live launches to come in the next couple of months.

(That means that no iPad will be updated in 2023, most likely.)

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:35

That’s all!

Another cut to the spooky Apple logo hovering amid the clouds; a message that the whole event was shot on iPhone; and that’s all!

So it’s just a MacBook Pro and iMac, as well as the M3 chips that will power them, that will be announced today.

The event was almost exactly 30 minutes long. That is unusually short for an Apple event. But nothing about today’s launch was usual.

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:32

New iMac features revealed

Here’s all the features of the new iMac. Again, these are new from the old version of the iMac – not the previous 24-inch one that it is replacing. The price is unchanged at $1,299, and it will be available next week.

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:29

Apple updates 24-inch iMac

Apple is also adding the M3 to the iMac. Apart from that, everything looks the same, with the same colours and design.

Again, Apple is comparing this computer with the Intel version of the iMac, rather than the 24-inch one.

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:28

Apple has reduced the price of the 14-inch MacBook Pro from $1,999 to $1,499. The price of the larger one stays the same.

M3 and M3 Pro are available next week. The M3 Max will be available later in November.

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:26

Apple introduces new MacBook Pro

Here are the big features of the new MacBook Pro. (Many of these were already available, and again it’s more of a comparison with the Intel laptops.)

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:25

Everyone is standing really far away in Apple’s keynote

For some reason, Apple’s presenters are being shown as if they are at the back of a very large hall, and you’re very far away. I don’t know if this is to emphasise the darkness (thematic and colour-wise) of this event.

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:23

New colour

Apple is also introducing the MacBook Pro in “space black”. (It says that it has made the computer so that it won’t pick up fingerprints.) Until now, it has only been available in silver.

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:22

Apple stressing comparisons with Intel

In what appears to be a quiet gesture of humility about the power of these upgrades, Apple is stressing how well this MacBook compares with the last Intel laptops. The numbers it is showing are in comparison with those computers, the most recent of which were released in 2019.

Andrew Griffin31 October 2023 00:20

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