ChatGPT down: OpenAI bot not working around the world

Major outage comes less than a week after AI firm released GPT-4

Anthony Cuthbertson
Monday 20 March 2023 10:38 GMT

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ChatGPT has stopped working, with users around the world complaining about issues with OpenAI.

Website health monitor Down Detector logged hundreds of reports from ChatGPT and GPT-4 users, who complained that OpenAI is down and the chatbot was not working.

The status page on OpenAI’s website stated that there was an “outage on”, noting several other incidents in recent days.

The Independent has contacted OpenAI for more information.

The latest version of OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence tool launched earlier this month, following the huge success of the firm’s ChatGPT software in 2022.

GPT-4 has already proved capable in a wide array of tasks, with OpenAI claiming the technology is able to handle “much more nuanced instructions” than its predecessor ChatGPT.

Users have recreated classic video games “in seconds” with GPT-4, as well as used it to interact with human workers in order to complete real-world tasks.

The advances made by OpenAI and other firms in recent years have led some artificial intelligence researchers to warn that AI has started to develop beyond an exponential rate.

“A mental model I have of AI is it was roughly ~linear progress from 1960s-2010, then exponential 2010-2020s, then has started to display ‘compounding exponential’ properties in 2021/22 onwards,” Jack Clark, co-founder of AI research firm Anthropic, wrote in a Twitter thread.

“In other words, next few years will yield progress that intuitively feels nuts.

“How I’m trying to be in 2023 is ‘mask off’ about what I think about all this stuff, because I think we have a very tiny sliver of time to do various things to set us all up for more success, and I think information asymmetries have a great record of messing things up.”

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