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iPhone 15 overheating issue makes it ‘too hot to touch’, owners say

Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max both reportedly reaching high temperatures

Anthony Cuthbertson
Wednesday 27 September 2023 10:57 BST
iPhone 15 glitches: Flunks bend test, overheats, changes color

The newly-released iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max are suffering from overheating issues, according to owners.

The flagship Apple phones are reportedly reaching temperatures as high as 47C, with some users claiming that the handsets become too hot to touch while not using a case.

“My iPhone 15 Pro Max is almost too hot to touch while fast charging right now,” 9to5Mac reporter Ian Zelbo wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“I thought people were overexaggerating but no this isn’t great. Interestingly, if I’m holding it, the left side rail and a little of the back on the left side is what is the hottest by far... lines up perfectly with the logic board.”

Apple first introduced fast charging with the iPhone 8 in 2017, allowing users to gain up to 50 per cent battery in around 30 minutes.

With the launch of the iPhone 15 range of phones this month, Apple switched from its proprietary charging cables to a standardised USB-C charger, in order to meet new European Union rules.

Mr Zelbo noted that the issue was at its worst while his iPhone was fast charging from 25 per cent battery level to 60 per cent.

“Past 70 per ent battery percentage it seems to have cooled down significantly (still hot but comfortable in the hand),” he noted.

The Independent has reached out to Apple for comment.

Other iPhone 15 users said they experienced overheating while playing games or scrolling through apps

Tech publication Android Authority reported that the problem arose “during long use sessions” while switching between chat apps and social media videos.

The phone gets hot in the space on the right side, across the bottom of the camera island,” said Android Authority’s Aamir Siddiqui. “This is without gaming, without being plugged in for a charge, and on Wi-Fi, so the heat is inexplicable.”

Tests by Korean YouTube channel BullsLab found that the iPhone 15 reached 46.7C while gaming.

The iPhone 15 range was unveiled at an Apple event on 12 September, 2023 (The Independent)

Reports of the iPhone 15 overheating issue come amid concerns relating to the 2020 iPhone 12 model, which French regulators claim is emitting harmful levels of radiation.

France banned sales of iPhone 12 handsets earlier this month, forcing Apple to provide a software update in an effort to mitigate the problem.

The radiation warning was based on tests carried out on behalf of France’s National Frequency Agency (ANFR), however regulators in other European countries have also signalled their intention to follow the French regulator’s initiative.

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