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Apple event – as it happened: New iPhone and Watch prices and release dates revealed as major update includes ECG technology

Andrew Griffin,Anthony Cuthbertson
Wednesday 12 September 2018 22:08 BST
Apple event: All the new releases

Apple unveiled not just one new version of the iPhone X, but three, in its biggest event of the year.

Among the trio is Apple's largest ever phone – the iPhone Xs Max – which features the biggest display that Apple has ever put in a phone.

Many details about that new phone, including its shiny gold colour, were accidentally leaked by Apple ahead of the event. The other two devices are the slightly smaller iPhone Xs and the cheaper iPhone Xr version.

But it wasn't just the iPhones that were revealed at the event. Lots more was announced, including huge updates to the Apple Watch and long-awaited new accessories.

The new Apple Watch was also leaked ahead of the event, showing the first re-design of the wearable since it was released.

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Just over a day to go now, and the leaks continue to flow. Here's the latest suggestion: the iPhone 9 (that is, the cheaper and middle-sized version) might be short in supply, at least at first. But it's still probably going to be the one most people buy.

Andrew Griffin11 September 2018 14:14

The iPhone XS Max might be the most interesting part of the new line-up, at least if you're in the market for showing off.

First, it will literally be the biggest phone Apple has ever made, or at least the biggest display. It's rumoured to be 6.5-inches – by comparison, the current Plus-sized phones are a mere 5.5-inches.

But it might also be the most expensive phone that it has ever made, too. The iPhone X already took that record when it breached the £999 mark last year; it makes sense that this is the new normal, and that the price is likely to stay the same. If that's the case then the bigger phone will also be more expensive: could the one with more memory be the first to cost over £1,500?

Andrew Griffin11 September 2018 14:28
Andrew Griffin11 September 2018 16:49

Good morning and a very happy iPhone day to you.

It's still night time in Cupertino, where the keynotes are hopefully all ready and the demo phones are sleeping ahead of their big day.

The BBC's Dave Lee, who was up late in California to broadcast ahead of the event, shared pictures of the preparations going on at Apple's preparations. And what preparations they are:

Andrew Griffin12 September 2018 10:30
Andrew Griffin12 September 2018 12:01

The Apple Store is DOWN. You won't be able to buy anything for the next eight hours or so, at which point it will come back online – with all the new phones and everything else there.

Andrew Griffin12 September 2018 12:35

Apple appears to have leaked just about every product it has coming. There's limited details one each of them – but some important ones.

Andrew Griffin12 September 2018 13:04

Worth remembering that even if you don't want to buy any of the new products today, all (relatively modern) iPhones are going to get an upgrade probably more profound than any of the new features that Apple has unveiled. That will come with iOS 12 – the performance-focused, mindfulness-promoting new update that will come out in the coming days, ready for the new phone.

Andrew Griffin12 September 2018 13:46

We all know when the iPhone will be revealed. (Today, in about three or four hours.) But when will you actually be able to get it? Here's your – slightly more complicated – answer.

Andrew Griffin12 September 2018 14:55

Worth mentioning, in the name of balance, that Samsung's already had its go at all this. If you'd like to catch up with that, check out our hands-on of the Note 9, its big iPhone competitor, as well as the Apple Watch-challenging wearable, the Galaxy Watch. Both are on sale now.

Andrew Griffin12 September 2018 16:03

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