Mark Zuckerberg shows off Meta’s new AI Ray-Bans, using it to braid daughter’s hair

AI Ray Bans have a camera that can record and speakers in the glasses’ arms

Vishwam Sankaran
Friday 20 October 2023 12:24 BST
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Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg showed off the company’s new artificial intelligence-powered Ray Ban smart glasses in an Instagram post where he uses the technology to braid his daughter’s hair.

In the video, the Meta boss asks his Ray-Bans, “Hey Meta, how can I make a braid?”

The AI in the smart glass then seemingly guides Mr Zuckerberg through the steps as he braids his daughter’s hair.

He then proceeds to take a photo of the braid and captions it “Finally learned to braid. Thanks, Meta AI” to send his wife.

“Hey Meta, send a photo to Priscilla on WhatsApp,” Mr Zuckerberg commands the glasses.

The smart glasses, made in collaboration with Ray-Ban, were released last month at Meta’s Connect event.

The AI glasses feature a camera that can record, and speakers in the glasses’ arms.

Meta envisions the glasses to help wearers move between “virtual and real worlds,” to help them experience the “metaverse” around which the company has organised.

The latest version of the smart glasses cost £299 or $299 and brings with it improved cameras, a lighter design, and new features like livestreaming.

When previous versions of the glasses were released – also with the ability to record video – they were met with privacy concerns as people could record others without their knowledge using the AI Ray Bans.

The latest version comes with lights that let others know they’re being recorded.

The lights also blink when a photo is taken, and there’s also a solid white light that stays on when a video is being recorded.

Along with the AI Ray Bans, Meta also unveiled its Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset last month.

The latest version, the company said, would allow “passthrough” to the real world, enabling virtual objects to be layered on top of it.

The Meta Quest 3 costs $500 (£480) compared with $3,500 for Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

While Meta Quest 3 has considerably lower specs than its competitor, the company said it stands out from Apple’s competition by offering a more social version of mixed reality.

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