Airbnb's most ridiculous rentals: From the back of a cab to a bed in a shed

Would you pay £33 a night to sleep in a taxi? Then these Airbnb properties are for you…

Thursday 01 December 2016 12:11 GMT
This igloo is listed on Airbnb with a £500+ security deposit
This igloo is listed on Airbnb with a £500+ security deposit (Airbnb)

The Indy travel team’s search for the hottest properties this ski season turned up one particularly unusual option: a handmade igloo in Austria on Airbnb. Photos included with the listing appear to confirm this is indeed just a small dome made of snow, complete with unforgiving snow-packed floor and “0.5” bathrooms (perhaps this refers to the woods at the back?), at a cost of £52 per night plus £51 “cleaning” fee. Oh, and a £515 security deposit. Sounds reasonable.

While we suspect the host, Ruru, might be having us on, it’s almost impossible to tell, given some of the more “creative” properties currently listed on Airbnb. So, in the spirit of Ruru, here are a few of the more inventive accommodation options we found.

Converted NYC cab, Queens, US

Gosh, hotels in New York City are so expensive, aren’t they? But if you’re after an affordable option just minutes from Manhattan, perhaps you’ll consider sleeping in the back of a cab in Long Island City? To be fair, host Jonathan has done an admirable job of making his converted yellow cab look comfortable, with plump, bright-yellow pillows and a battery fan for when it gets hot. But you’re still paying £33 a night to sleep in a car, in a car park – or a premium £41 at weekends.

The host has managed to make the back of a cab look cosy (Airbnb)

A boat on a farm, Accord, US

Boats on water? Silly. If you’re going to sleep in a boat, much better you stick to dry land – less of that bothersome rocking, see? In the small hamlet of Accord (pop. circa 500) in New York state, you can rent a tiny boat on a horse farm, which comes with a Portaloo close by for your convenience. Hosts Beth and Tim insist this is “GLAMOROUS CAMPING!” Someone should really coin a phrase for that.

You can stay in a sailboat on a farm (Airbnb)

A bed in a shed, Portland, US

There’s been much hoo-hah in the hipster wonderland of Portland, Oregon lately, as tenants are calling for new rent control laws to tackle the city’s spiralling cost of living. At £21 a night, perhaps a bed in a shed isn’t such a crazy option, then – particularly as host Leigh splashed out on a “Luxury Collection” airbed for the ultimate in comfort. In fact the host’s dedication to her guests is undeniable: “I have slept in the shed myself to check for bugs and noise and such,” she assures us.

Sheds are all the rage in Portland (Airbnb)

A one-man tent, Berkeley, US

Everyone knows the Bay Area is super in-demand right now, hence this £25 per night one-man tent in some rando’s garden, billed as suiting “the outdoorsy traveller”. Not entirely sure what the £13 cleaning fee covers, though, and interested parties would be well-advised to bear this warning from the host in mind: “Year-round it’s chilly at night, so be sure to pack a scarf and jacket!”

Would suit the "outdoorsy traveller" (Airbnb)

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