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American Airlines worker warns travellers about disgusting passenger behaviour: ‘So nasty’

Airport ramp agent goes viral after revealing the ‘nasty’ items he’s found on planes

Brittany Miller
New York
Monday 04 March 2024 21:40 GMT
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An American Airlines ramper has revealed the “nasty” items he’s found on planes after passengers have deboarded.

Dre, who posts on TikTok under the username @caperssss18, took to the platform to explain exactly what he sees regularly on a plane. “I put your bags on the plane, I take your bags off the plane, I clean off the plane, I transfer your bags to the next flight, the whole nine yards,” his viral video began.

He claimed that people have “no care” for how they leave planes after deboarding. “It doesn’t matter how many times a flight attendant comes up and down an aisle with a trash bag saying, ‘Hey, do you have trash?,’” Dre said. “Y’all still put the trash in the seat, y’all still [leave] containers of food on the ground, y’all still got Gatorade bottles in the seat.”

However, it isn’t just food scraps that he finds while cleaning up the planes.

“Why did I find a diaper under a seat today?” he asked, wondering how anyone would leave such an item for someone else to clean up.

“Y’all are literally so nasty, and I can only imagine what your house looks like,” his rant continued, although he knew that his video would not be capable of changing anyone’s behaviour.

“People are still going to leave their trash in the f***ing seat,” the ramper concluded. “But I just had to come and let y’all know how nasty y’all are.”

“I know your house stinks,” Dre added. “Your mom should have taught you better.”

Since it was posted, his TikTok has received more than 600,000 views. In the comments section, many flight attendants and other airline workers agreed with his opinion.

“I’m a flight attendant and it’s so scary sometimes to think this is how people treat things and I can only imagine their homes. Especially with children,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “I’m a FA and I was cleaning before our next flight and someone left a diaper in the seat back pocket yesterday.”

“Flight attendant here. 36 years. Preach it... you are sooo right. Glad you are a part of our AA family,” a third commenter praised the video.

This isn’t the first time an airline employee has taken to TikTok to share their experience. A former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent attempted to provide some clarity about what travellers can and cannot bring through airport security. Caleb Harmon-Marshall, who posts under the TikTok username @travelwiththeharmony, took to the platform to explain what he’s learned in the eight years on the job.

Harmon-Marshall also went on to create his own newsletter called “Gate Access,” where he provides tips on getting through airport security to make a person’s overall travel experience easier to navigate.

While working at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport, Harmon-Marshall said he’s heard many of the same questions and repeatedly sorted out the same problems. As a result, he’s created his own newsletter called “Gate Access,” where he provides tips on getting through airport security and how to make a person’s overall travel experience easier to navigate.

“People think that the officers are mean, and they feel like they are prisoners when they go through security,” he said in an interview with Business Insider, noting that the newsletter’s main objective is to help people know and understand their rights. One of his general tips that travellers should be aware of is that people can bring water or any liquid that breaks the typical 3.4 ounces only rule if they freeze it beforehand.

Harmon-Marshall has more than one TikTok video on the subject, each with thousands of views, because so many people are unaware about the TSA rule.

“If you freeze your water, you can take it past TSA,” he added. “A lot of people, they’ll get their own bottle, they’ll put their water in there, they’ll freeze it, and then they’ll just thaw out, and they’ll drink it as it thaws out.”

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