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Airbus A380 in numbers: A decade of the SuperJumbo

From safety statistics to luxury prices

Tuesday 05 May 2015 14:25 BST
Jet set: an A380 at an air show in China
Jet set: an A380 at an air show in China (AFP/Getty)


Fatal crashes involving the A380 "SuperJumbo" since it first took off on a test flight from the Airbus HQ at Toulouse 10 years ago last week (


Number of daily A380 flights from the UK to Dubai: five from Heathrow, two from Gatwick and two from Manchester, all operated by Emirates – the biggest customer for the jet, having ordered nearly half (


Maximum number of seats that can be fitted in each row in economy, which Airbus describes as "a comfortable 11-abreast economy section with 18-inch-wide seats". No airline has this configuration at present, preferring to seat 10 across (


Average number of flights on a typical day this summer between London and New York, the world's premier intercontinental air route. None is operated by an Airbus A380 (


Time in seconds for 853 passengers and 20 crew to leave the A380 during a test evacuation, with half the 16 exits open, as part of safety certification. Watch it here:


Number of A380s ordered. By comparison, 1,500 Boeing 747s have been built since it entered service in 1970 (


Maximum take-off weight, in tons, of an Airbus A380, of which about half a ton is the weight of paint (


Maximum number of seats planned for an A380, by Transaero. This Russian airline says its economy class alone will hold 616 passengers (


Maximum range in miles of the Airbus A380. The longest route currently flown is Qantas flight 8, a 17-hour stretch from Dallas to Sydney covering 8,577 miles (


Price in pounds for a one-way flight for two from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi in Etihad's A380 Residence Suite, comprising a living room, separate bedroom and ensuite bathroom (

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