‘Pathetic excuse for a meal’: Woman disappointed by £8.50 toasted sandwich at Heathrow Airport

‘Being ridiculous is the accepted norm these days,’ says Facebook commenter

Helen Coffey
Wednesday 19 February 2020 12:43 GMT
Woman disappointed by £8.50 sandwich at Heathrow Airport

Inflight meals often come under fire for being a let-down, but the food at the airport should surely be streets ahead?

Not according to one disgruntled traveller, who called a ham and cheese toastie purchased before a flight a “pathetic excuse for a meal”.

Hannah Bennett posted a picture of the offending item, purchased at the Prince of Wales pub at Heathrow Terminal 4 for £8.50, to a Facebook group called Rate my Plate.

“A ham and cheese toastie costing £8.50 at the Prince of Wales pub in Heathrow Terminal 4 departures,” she wrote in a scathing post.

“Pathetic excuse for a meal. Not personally sure what the stick is actually doing as it’s not structural!”

One person commented underneath: “Being ridiculous is the accepted norm these days.”

The picture shows a thin-looking toasted sandwich, made from what appears to be standard sliced white bread, with no visible filling.

A spokesperson from The Restaurant Group, which owns the Prince of Wales, told The Independent: “We are disappointed to hear that certain customers were not satisfied with their experience in one of our sites. We pride ourselves on value, quality and experience across our portfolio and so we will be looking into these specific comments.”

It’s not the only cheese toastie to get a bad review.

A man who was served a “gross” cheese toastie on a Jet2 flight earlier this month said he won’t be eating the airline’s food ever again.

Dean Willis shared a photo of the offending meal on Facebook, in which the sandwich can be seen covered in a sloppy, mustard-coloured filling that has exploded out of the sides.

He compared his version of the toastie to the official Jet2 advert, labelled “Expectation vs reality”.

Mr Willis captioned the image: “They handed me my ‘toastie’. It’s not quite what I expected and the look of it reflected the taste. Needless to say, I’ll be filling up beforehand next time.”

A Jet2 spokesperson said: “Our toasties consistently receive great feedback from customers, so we were surprised to see this.

“If Dean would like to get in touch with our customer services team, we would be happy to discuss this further.”

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