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EasyJet passenger breaks suitcase to avoid paying hand baggage fees

Man failed to fit his bag in the measuring frame at the airport

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Wednesday 08 February 2023 17:06 GMT
The man was filmed snapping the wheels off his case
The man was filmed snapping the wheels off his case (TikTok/@fxny_stn)

An easyJet passenger broke his suitcase in a bid to avoid paying excess baggage fees.

The man was filmed snapping the wheels off his case at at Edinburgh airport, after being unable to fit the bag into the airline’s measuring frame.

EasyJet allows all passengers to take one piece of cabin luggage onboard their flight for free, but it must be a maximum size of 45cm x 36cm x 20cm. Wheels are included in these measurements.

As TikTok user @fxny_stn’s video shows, the passenger did not want to pay extra when his bag wouldn’t fit within the maximum size limit. Taking matters into his own hands, he was seen pulling the wheels off his case.

The TikTok video – which has garnered over four million views at the time of writing – starts by showing the male passenger jumping on the suitcase when he realises it won’t fit.

Part of the case then flies off and he checks again. Unfortunately, the suitcase still isn’t the right size.

Seemingly talking to an airport staff member about his predicament, the passenger proceeds to put the case on the ground and attempts to kick the wheels off.

When this doesn’t work, he pulls one off, breaking the suitcase in the process. But, it still doesn’t fit, so he keeps going.

In the meantime, the camera pans to other people in the immediate vicinity; another man is also filming the spectacle.

Still wrestling with the bag, he twists and pulls the handle off. The case looks like it almost fits, to the celebratory applause of a crowd now surrounding the determined passenger.

However, the video finishes with the passenger appearing to check his bag in after all.

People were quick to comment underneath the post, with one user writing: “Proper jobsworth man. Just let him on. It was a couple of inches of outer parts.”

“There were so many people who went after him with bigger bags that don’t fit the dimension. How unfair,” another said.

Meanwhile, one person questioned whether the passenger was using the right side of the measuring tool to start with. “Ummm his carry on had to be measured on the other side. The one he is using is for a personal bag!” they posted.

“Now he’s wrecked his case, it’ll cost more than the luggage fee to replace it,” someone added.

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