Brawl breaks out on Las Vegas theme park ride

‘It was just horrible,’ says onlooker

Helen Coffey
Tuesday 20 October 2020 11:51 BST
A fight broke out at Halloween Town
A fight broke out at Halloween Town (Youtube/ImthatguyDoc )

A brawl broke out at a Las Vegas amusement park after a woman refused to get off a ride.

Video of the incident, which reportedly occurred at Halloween Town, shows a blonde woman shouting at a ride attendant who had asked her to get off.

It is unclear what sparked the request for her to leave, but the altercation quickly got heated, with the attendant saying the woman was acting like a “damn animal”, and her responding that he “looks like an animal”.

The woman, identified as “Christina” in the video, can be seen talking on the phone to someone, when she claims that she is getting kicked off the ride because she was “excited”.

Other visitors can be heard trying to calm her down.

“Christina, you need to relax, you need to have respect for people that are working,” another woman can be heard saying.

The footage cuts to a point when all the visitors have left the ride, and a mass brawl breaks out, involving at least six people, including Christina.

Park employees can be seen trying to break up the fight, while ride goers are filmed pushing each other to the ground and hitting each other, and pulling one another’s hair.  

Youtube user ImthatguyDoc posted the video on his account on 19 October, adding his own assessment of the incident at the end.

“It was horrible – a lot of open-handed hits, a lot of chokeholds. It was just horrible,” he said. “All because Christina couldn’t just get up and go.”

He said the attendant was “overreacting”, but added that the best thing to do in that situation was “bow out”.

“She wanted to sit there and talk reckless, and ended up getting dragged through the dirt,” he concluded.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said it had no record of the incident, reports Fox News.

“There is a chance that it went unreported if no parties involved called for assistance and the property got those involved off property with security,” Officer Larry Hadfield said in a statement.

The Independent has contacted Halloween Town for comment.

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