Passenger removed from LOT flight for taking off pants and urinating on plane door

Airline has blacklisted the culprit for life

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Thursday 02 February 2023 14:44 GMT
Man was allegedly drunk when the incident happened
Man was allegedly drunk when the incident happened (Getty Images)

A LOT Polish Airlines passenger removed his pants and urinated on the plane door during a New York-Warsaw flight last week.

The man was allegedly drunk when the incident occurred, half an hour before the aircraft was due to land at Chopin Airport.

He has since been banned from flying with LOT for life.

LOT Polish Airlines spokesperson Krzysztof Moczulski posed a question to followers on Twitter on 31 January, asking: “How do I get blacklisted by an airline and never fly with that airline?”

He continued with the answer: “Get drunk, take off your panties and pants in the buffet, pee on the inside door of the plane, be blacklisted.”

“P.S. I didn’t believe I’d ever write a piece like this,” Mr Moczulski finished, alluding to the fact that he was referring to an actual event.

In a follow-up tweet, Mr Moczulski outlined that a passenger had indeed urinated onboard a recent flight.

“Such was the fate of one of the passengers flying our Dreamliner from the United States to Warsaw,” he wrote.

Followers were quick to comment underneath, with one flight attendant writing about their experience. “Once I witnessed a client who couldn’t stand the pressure and had to relieve himself next to the stairs provided to leave the plane,” the user said.

Meanwhile, another person questioned how someone being placed on an airline blacklist can actually be enforced: “In general, there is a problem with such lists, there are no appropriate regulations.”

Speaking to, Mr Moczulski said : “The man was reassured by other passengers and his behaviour did not disturb the flight. Despite this, it was decided that he would never use the services of LOT again.”

The airline told The Independent: “The described situation took place during one of the flights from New York to Warsaw.

“The incident, when passenger urinates in the galley is absolutely unacceptable, so we decided to put him on the blacklist, which prevents him from flying with LOT for life.

Unfortunately, such situations are most often associated with excessive alcohol consumption. We want to point out that alcohol consumed during the flight affects our body differently than it happens in standard conditions. This is due to the pressure, which is the same as at an altitude of 2,000m and very low humidity.

“Our main goal is to provide our passengers and crew with a safe and comfortable flight, so it is important to make it clear that we do not accept such behaviour.”

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