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Friday 07 September 2012 11:50


Very nice article about one of my favourite places — I live half an hour's drive away. Trujillo is best in the winter when the sky is the deepest blue and the air is cold and dry. It's possible to get the whole place to yourself.

In my book, published this month by Santana Books, Walking in Extremadura, there is a comprehensive city walk around historic Trujillo. Only one quibble: "stunted oaks and olive trees" there may be but there are also hundreds of hectares of deciduous oaks, chestnut, terebinth, alder and pine trees. Some plains are sparse pastures dotted with holm oaks (the dehesa) but the many sierras are covered with extensive forests and there is nowhere on Earth quite like Extremadura for wild flowers in the spring.

Gisela Radant Wood

Britain's craft breweries

You could do a lot worse than the tour of Springhead Brewery near Retford, Notts: £15 with dinner thrown in.

James Creegan

VAT rise in Spain

Mainland Spain thinks tourists are cash cows and have been increasing prices steadily over the past couple of years. It is now cheaper in Tenerife than it is in Benidorm.


Try Croatia

Go now, before they get embroiled in the euro lunacy.


Go to Greece

September's the best time, after spring.


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