Private jet provider reveals its most bizarre client requests

Pet catering, anyone?

Joanna Whitehead
Tuesday 21 August 2018 14:18 BST
Fit for a... pig?
Fit for a... pig? (NetJets)

The weirdest and most wonderful private jet requests have been revealed by NetJets, a private aviation company serving ultra-high net worth customers.

Many of the high-flying requests have involved animals, supporting the theory that a man’s best friend really is his dog.

One passenger flying intercontinentally from Europe to America with his furry companion requested that the pilot land ahead of destination in order for his hound to “get some fresh air and walk around a bit”. The pilot complied and after a short stop, man and dog continued their flight to their final destination.

Another traveller ordered catering for his flight, including gourmet sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables, but failed to take a single bite. The snacks had been laid on especially for his pet parrot.

It’s not just animal-lovers requesting special treatment for their pets. One passenger enjoyed the onboard biscuits so much, he asked for NetJets to ship multiple boxes to his home, after discovering that the tasty treats were unavailable in his home country.

In a possible bid to keep moving drama to a minimum, one client requested two Bombardier Global 6000s to help move his belongings from one country to another.

Boxset addicts will identify with another passenger who asked crew to download the full season of the popular Netflix TV show ‘The Crown’ ahead of their intercontinental flight.

One trip that proved to be a feat of logistical planning involved transporting a family group of 36 adults and children to Disneyland in Orlando. The journey used nine NetJets teams and four different aircraft, which were all expected to land in Orlando at the same time. The inside of each aircraft cabin was also transformed into an immersive Disney experience, for the ultimate kid’s trip of a lifetime.

More pedestrian requests include a wish to take “the scenic route” in order to enjoy the landscape below. For those of us lucky enough to enjoy a trip on a private jet, this is a request we can all get behind...

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