<p>Adriatic bliss? The beach at Durres in Albania</p>

Adriatic bliss? The beach at Durres in Albania

‘Traffic light travel’ – who will get the green list right?

Which travel pundit will get closest to the actual no-quarantine destinations

Simon Calder
Travel Correspondent
Friday 07 May 2021 09:56

Millions of prospective holidaymakers are waiting to hear what the government has in mind for their trips this summer. The “green list” countries will not require quarantine after returning to the UK.

More importantly, many people with love ones abroad, who they have not seen for many months or even a year or more, are desperate for confirmation that the current ban on travel will be lifted on 17 May as expected – and for the hurdles they will need to cross.

Amber list countries will require self-isolation at home on return, while red list locations trigger hotel quarantine.

While the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, prepares the green list, The Independent’s travel correspondent has come up with his own prediction – as has Paul Charles, campaigner against travel quarantine and chief executive of travel consultancy The PC Agency.

These are the predictions from each (PC = Paul Charles, SC = Simon Calder).

The competition is this: for each country/territory they get right, they get a point. If they nominate a location that doesn’t make the green list grade, they lose a point.

Europe and Mediterranean

Albania SC

Finland PC SC

Gibraltar PC SC

Norway SC

Iceland PC SC

Ireland PC SC

Israel PC SC

Malta PC SC

Morocco PC

Portugal PC SC

San Marino SC

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Asia and Middle East

Bhutan SC

Saudi Arabia SC

Singapore SC

South Korea SC

Taiwan SC


Anguilla PC

Antigua & Barbuda PC SC

Barbados PC SC

British Virgin Islands PC

Cayman Islands PC

Grenada PC

Jamaica PC

Montserrat PC

St Lucia PC SC

Turks & Caicos PC

US Virgin Islands SC


Australia SC

New Zealand SC

Cook Islands SC

Kiribati SC

Northern Mariana Islands SC

Samoa SC

Solomon Islands SC

Tonga SC

Vanuatu SC

Wallis & Futuna SC

British overseas territories

Ascension Island PC SC

Bermuda PC

British Antarctic Territory PC SC

British Indian Ocean Territory PC SC

Falkland Islands PC SC

Pitcairn PC SC

St Helena PC SC

South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands PC SC

Tristan da Cunha PC SC

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