Trinidad and Tobago authorities say they will block infamous sex island from happening

The four-day 'sex island' holiday is due to take place this weekend

Cathy Adams
Wednesday 12 December 2018 18:44 GMT
Guests are promised 'luxury yacht parties'
Guests are promised 'luxury yacht parties' (Good Girls Co)

Authorities from Trinidad and Tobago have said they will block a "sex island" holiday that organisers claim is planned for the Caribbean country this weekend.

The four-day event, organised by adult firm Good Girls Co, has been advertised as promising "unlimited sex with two girls per day".

When it was first promoted last year, it received widespread criticism over fears of sex trafficking and drug-taking.

Earlier this week, the organisers confirmed to The Independent that the event would be taking place off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago, but today the country's Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said there was “no such plan whatsoever” to host the event, and that “there is no private island off Trinidad and Tobago”.

Speaking to local news station CNC3, Griffith said: “There’s absolutely no way that something as organised and promoted as this can happen in Trinidad and Tobago waters,” adding that human trafficking is “a very serious crime”.

Griffith's comments follow a statement from Trinidad and Tobago security minister Stuart Young, who told the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian that he intends to block the event, which is advertised as taking place between 14-17 December.

“I shall be giving instructions to authorities including the TTPS [Trinidad and Tobago Police Service] and Immigration that this is not to be permitted in Trinidad and Tobago,” Young said.

Good Girls Co said in a statement to The Independent that they have the “legal licences” to hold the event in Trinidad and Tobago.

When contacted by The Independent, the Tobago tourism ministry said that it had never heard of the event, and that it stood by the statement made by security minister Young.

The sex island organisers said that they “cannot give the exact location” of the party, but that it would be off the coast of the twin-island nation Trinidad and Tobago – the southernmost nation of the West Indies. The island of Trinidad is just 11km off the coast of Venezuela.

In October, The Independent reported that the sex island holiday would return this year despite widespread criticism and fears over sex trafficking. Last year, Youtube removed the video advertising the holiday.

The event includes luxury yacht parties for $4,500 (£3,593) per person. The organisers say the event is legal, saying the women are all over 18 and participate of their own free will.

Drugs will be available to buy “from a third party close to the island”, according to the organisers, although the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice states that in Trinidad and Tobago, “drug traffickers face severe penalties” and the use of cannabis is illegal and can “carry a custodial sentence”.

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