<p>Toddler Lottie Salmon onboard the easyJet flight</p>

Toddler Lottie Salmon onboard the easyJet flight

Toddler who was only child on an easyJet flight gets given VIP treatment

‘She got a shout out off the pilots and even got to meet them and sit in the cockpit’ said the child’s mother

Lucy Thackray
Wednesday 08 September 2021 14:31

A toddler who was the only child on an easyJet flight was given special treatment by crew and pilots - even getting to sit in the cockpit.

The child’s mum, Chloe Salmon, enthused about the VIP reception Lottie, nearly two, received while the family was on board the flight from Liverpool to Spain on 5 September - posting about the experience in a Facebook group.

Chloe, from Burnley, wrote in the group: “To the lovely people on this group. Few weeks back I put a post on asking for advice for flying and being abroad with a toddler and I had over 1000 people commenting with advice.

“Well, we flew on Sunday. And Lottie was absolutely amazing!

“We had the iPad with downloaded stuff, sticker books, lots of snacks, Calpol for her ears and bought her own seat.

“We were the last to board. I also looked on Pinterest for a few other ideas and made little treat bags for the air hostesses and pilots. They loved them and were so grateful!”

The satisfied passenger revealed that her daughter was the “only child on the whole flight”, a situation she said involved “even more pressure”, but added that she behaved throughout the flight.

“She made lots of adult friends, got a shout out off the pilots and even got to meet them and sit in the cockpit!!

“The best start to the holiday. So thank you! You made these first time parents’ experience much more relaxed,” she said.

While many parents can relate to the challenges of travelling with young children, one mother took an unorthodox approach to travel with her four-month-old baby while flying from Seoul in South Korea to San Francisco in 2019.

In an effort to appease her fellow fliers on the long-haul flight, the woman handed out 200 bags of treats containing ear plugs, sweets and a note written on behalf of her baby apologising in advance if they cried or made too much noise.

A fellow passenger shared the incident on Facebook writing that there was “not a peep” out of the baby, adding, “when you have kids, expect the unexpected”.

And it’s not just ordinary parents who struggle.

Model, author and mother-of-two Chrissy Teigen has been open about the difficulties of travelling with a young family, tweeting of her relief when hearing other children cry when on public transport.

“I truly love hearing other kids cry because it means it’s not my own,” she wrote.

“That’s a better feeling than silence, honestly.”

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