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Travel expert Simon Calder to answer your questions as the traffic light system is scrapped

The Independent’s travel correspondent Simon Calder will be on hand to answer your travel queries amid the latest changes

Tuesday 05 October 2021 07:52
<p>Are you feeling secure about your next holiday? </p>

Are you feeling secure about your next holiday?

It’s official, the UK’s travel traffic light system has now been scrapped, as of 4am yesterday (4 October).

Major changes to the UK’s travel rules were first announced on 17 September, but what do they mean for travel going forward?

There will be no amber or green list to consult before travel – only one crucial red list (currently containing 54 countries), and a ROW or “rest of the world” list containing all the rest.

The other big change is for unvaccinated travellers and those who have not yet had both doses of the vaccine – they will have to self-isolate for 10 days on arrival back into the UK, whether they are coming from a red list country or not.

Next up are possible changes to the red list later this week, and the imminent lift of the US travel ban for fully vaccinated British travellers sometime in November.

Do these changes affect your next trip abroad, and what do you need to look out for when booking travel in the coming weeks?

Our travel expert Simon Calder will be on hand to answer all your latest travel questions in a special ‘Ask me anything’ event later today (Tuesday 5 October). He will be answering live in the comments below between 4pm and 5pm.

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Then join us live on this page from 4-5pm on Tuesday, 5 October, as he tackle as many questions as he can within an hour.

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