Where not to visit if you love animals

Travellers today have so many fantastic opportunities available to them that it's easy to have a vacation filled with cruelty-free memories

Mimi Bekhechi
Tuesday 29 July 2014 18:24 BST

Considering a holiday this summer? Well, why not? Everybody needs a break, and what better way to spend your time than immersing yourself in the history, attractions and culture of another country? But you can avoid adding animal cruelty to your itinerary by scratching abusement parks such as marine parks, roadside zoos, donkey rides and captive-dolphin shows off the list.

Animals in these dismal destinations never get a vacation. Day in and day out, they're confined to cages to live an unfulfilling life that's light years removed from their natural habitat, forced to dance around in tutus at the circus, or made to give rides all day in the heat - and other terrible conditions.

Although you should walk the other way whenever any attraction includes captive animals, here are some of the worst examples:

If you want your children to learn more about animals, visiting animal sanctuaries is also a great way to teach kids about animals without harming them. Children can also get involved with conservation or clean-up programmes in the countryside or along waterways in order to work together to make positive changes for animals. Even a relaxing walk in the woods is a wonderful way to get kids to appreciate nature and wildlife as well as a love of learning. And no animals will be harmed in the process.

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