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Wednesday 10 January 2024 12:58 GMT

There are few experiences more rewarding than teaching. By sharing your expertise with others, you can enrich their lives with new skills, the confidence to grow and boundless discovery.

And now it’s never been simpler to lend your expertise with people all over the world with online lessons, interactive videos and structured courses that are as easy to follow as they are to put together.

So, if you’re interested in sharing your knowledge – and generate some passive income at the same time – consider using Squarespace Courses to build your perfect educational tool and give the gift of a new craft, hobby or side hustle to curious minds.

To learn how to build the perfect lesson plan and share your content online, keep reading the rest of the article below, or visit Squarespace courses to find out more.

What are Squarespace Courses?

Courses is a tool used to make designing, selling and promoting professional courses online simple, with modular options to make creating your perfect course fit your brand and help you monetise your expertise, whether that’s in arts and crafts, entrepreneurship, gardening, music and more.

Courses can be structured however you like, with options available to have video, audio, image and text as part of your lesson plan to make learning multimedia rich. You can even include downloadable assets for your students, so they can keep your resources after the lesson has finished.

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How can I start creating online courses?

Teaching online is a unique challenge, whether you’re a seasoned educator or trying it for the first time, there’s a lot to learn in order to make an online course both engaging and informative.

Start by planning your course content ahead of time and consider what people are likely to be searching for and what level of expertise is required for the course you are hoping to teach. Once you have started planning your content, you can begin carefully organising your materials into clear, easy-to-follow lessons on your website.

Next, become familiar with the technology you are hoping to use as part of your course. If your lessons require audio and video, practice recording your voice and testing your video in different locations to find the best spot to record content for your website.

Finally, it’s important to encourage interaction with your students. Asking for comments and questions, setting up discussion groups, and using social media can be a simple way to involve students in the lesson and create a valuable space for feedback to keep improving your content!

How to make money with online courses

Creating courses can be a fun, rewarding way to earn additional income while showcasing your skills and expertise – so how can you begin monetising your content to maximise your potential earnings?

A good way to start is by providing free teaser content to begin cultivating an audience. Sharing a brief snippet via social media or email marketing can showcase your teaching style and the value that the full course can bring to your potential students.

Once you have created enough interest in your educational content, make sure to put the rest of your course behind a paywall to demonstrate its value and exclusivity. Finally, make sure that all of your exclusive content is appropriately priced, so that your target audience is getting good value for the content they are paying for.

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