Which HP Instant Ink subscription is right for you?

Find out which ink subscription is right for your printing needs

Wednesday 06 March 2024 15:39 GMT

Knowing how much ink is required for business or personal use can always be tricky, particularly when you’re prone to running out at just the wrong moment. That’s where HP Instant Ink comes in.

HP Instant Ink is a smart ink subscription service for your HP Printer that delivers ink when you need it, as you need it. Fresh ink cartridges are delivered hassle-free with recycling included as well, which means that you can save up to 50 per cent when compared to buying cartridges through traditional means. But just how much ink do you really need to buy?

HP Instant Ink has a range of flexible options to choose from, meaning that even if you need to order more pages to print, it’s as simple as adding an extra set of 10 pages for just $1 or adjusting your next month’s payment. Because it’s based on how many pages you need to print, rather than how much ink is being used, it’s much easier to judge the number of pages you might need on a monthly basis and the required number can be easily adjusted.

Now, America’s most trusted printing brand* is offering $10 of credit on new Instant Ink subscriptions, so customers can start saving on their future printing needs as soon as they sign up.

To find out more about HP’s Instant Ink subscription service, you can visit the official HP website or if you want to know which subscription tier is right for your needs, keep reading below for more information.


Parents will find that they will need a steady paper supply in order to keep up with their children’s homework assignments or fostering their creativity. Coloring pages, activity sheets and school assignments can all seem demanding, but it all contributes to children’s development when they are engaging in different activities.

By opting-in to HP’s ‘Occasional’ package at $4.99 per month, parents can print up to 50 pages to meet the demands of a busy, productive, and rewarding family life.

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Graphic designers

Whether you’re a digital artist or a traditional illustrator, being able to bring your creativity to life is essential for working with clients on a design project. Proofs, drafts, and final designs all require a high-quality print in order to showcase that hard work – low ink supplies or discolored prints simply won’t do.

That’s why HP Instant Ink’s ‘Moderate’ package is a good candidate for those creative types. With up to 100 pages at $6.99 per month, this gives artists plenty of opportunities to go back to the drawing board, adjust their designs and wow their audiences.

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From lesson plans, to scanning textbooks or even grading papers at home, teachers can benefit from a reliable and steady resource of ink and paper to complete their work and engage with their students.

HP’s ‘Frequent’ package delivers 300 pages per month, for a cost of $13.99 means that educators are able to focus on planning their lessons while ensuring that they can deliver essential classroom resources throughout the school year.

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Small business owners

Printing is a necessary output for any small business owner’s documentation and day-to-day operations. From invoices and financial statements to marketing materials such as pamphlets and promotional flyers, it’s all necessary to be effective and correctly manage productivity.

That’s why the ‘Business’ subscription is tailor-made to meet those demands head-on. It offers up to 700 pages on a monthly business, making it the most cost-effective package at $27.99 per month.

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To choose your perfect plan and start saving, visit HP Instant Ink to get $10 off your new subscription today.

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*Based on 2022 semi-annual internal brand surveys commissioned by HP.

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