Who puts the bins out – and who makes the bed? What we’ve learned about the Sunaks is shocking...

... but not at all surprising. Who would have thought: the most famous (and wealthiest) couple in the land are victims of domestic tedium, just like everybody else, says Sean O’Grady

Tuesday 05 March 2024 14:28 GMT
In the pair’s interview with Grazia , Mrs Sunak reveals she calls her husband ‘Rish’
In the pair’s interview with Grazia , Mrs Sunak reveals she calls her husband ‘Rish’ (Getty )

Rishi Sunak has been prime minister of the United Kingdom for a little less than a year and a half (feels longer, I know), and may not be PM for that much longer. His poll ratings are, fair to say, dismal. Beyond dismal, indeed. He’s about as popular as Liz Truss was by the time her foolishness forced herself out of office, which is not an encouraging place to be when you’re about to ask the country to give the Conservatives another five years in office.

He’s tried tax cuts, he’s tried making Brexit a bit less harsh, he’s tried making peace in Northern Ireland; he’s tried to refloat the punctured dinghy that is the Rwanda plan. But, to borrow the words of George Galloway/Shania Twain, it don’t impress us much.

So now he’s been and gone to Grazia magazine, with his lovely wife, Akshata Murty, and done one of those awful, domestic-focused joint interviews that can so easily go horribly wrong, and which assuredly have never rescued a political career from certain doom. There’s a clip online, plus an extensive write-up. He doesn’t mention hospital waiting lists, the Budget or the mild recession the rest of us are going through just now.

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