10 best beers to drink this summer

Thirsty? Ray Bailey, British beer blogger, handpicks his favourite bottles to drink when the mercury rises

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The best summer beers, despite the arguments of some contrarians, are light, cool and refreshing, but that doesn't have to mean just lager, lager and more lager.

When you're hot and bothered, nothing satisfies a thirst better than bitterness biting the back of your throat on the way down, and sourness, reminiscent of homemade lemonade, can also work wonders.

Here are 10 thirst-quenching options, chosen by the UK-brewing afficionados behind Boak & Bailey.

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1. St Austell Korev (bottle/keg/can, 4.8%), £32 for 24 cans

2. Brew By Numbers Saison (ABV varies), £2.80

3. Lees Manchester Pale Ale (cask, 3.7%), £14 for case of 8

4. Thornbridge Tzara (keg/bottle, 4.8%), £23.80 for 12

5. Schlenkerla Helles (bottle, 4.3%), €23.00 for 20

6. Schneider Weisse Original (bottle, 5.4%), only available in certain bars

7. Hoegaarden (keg/bottle, 4.9%), only available in certain bars

8. Redemption trinity (cask, 3%), only available in certain bars

9. Magic Rock Salty Kiss (keg, 5%), only available in certain bars

10. Wild Beer Co Ninkasi (bottle, 9%), only available in certain bars

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