Coffee time: 10 best cafetières

You don’t need to splash out on a fancy machine to make a fresh, strong cup. Try one of these traditional makers to serve up your caffeine fix

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These days everyone's a barista, making you coffee using their fancy machine in their own kitchen. Much as the cool gadgetry appeals to me, I prefer the taste of good old cafetière coffee.

They all work on the same principle, and make similar tasting coffee, so choose by the style you prefer. We’ve tried and tested a range of sizes and styles; from Le Creuset's colourful and elegant stoneware cafetière to the John Lewis’s good value, cheerily coloured version from their House range. 

1. House by John Lewis 3 Cup Cafetière, £20, John Lewis


This cute, affordable cafetière from John Lewis will do to your desk what the coffee does to you – make it appear that bit brighter. It doesn’t

look quite as serious as others on the market, but we found the coffee it makes is as good as any other. Also comes in teal.

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2. AGA Black Cafetière, £23, Aga Cookshop


A one litre or eight-cup vessel, this is probably what you think of when you imagine a cafetière: sleek and simple. The glass beaker is dishwasher proof, although the enamelled coated steel should be washed by hand. 

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3. I’m A Cream Cafetière, £10, Sabichi


A simple, eight-cup cafetière with a modern feel, this is for people who don’t like to mess around with their coffee. It comes in four colours and there are other items in the range if you want to keep your kitchen co-ordinated.

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4. Cafetière Red Metallic, £15, John Lewis


A fuss-free, good value three-cup cafetière in a traditional design. This one gets the job done and the metallic red and curvy black features give it bit of retro look. 

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5. Le Creuset Coffee Press, £49, John Lewis


A dishwasher safe, stoneware 750ml cafetière that looks good on the shelf and makes four decent cups. It comes in five colours - we like this cool, earthy blue. The best part: not a bit of plastic in sight. 

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6. Damask cafetière, £30, amazon


This pretty eight-cup cafetière makes a change from the monochrome offerings and comes in a co-ordinated gift box. It would be a perfect present for someone who can’t start the day without their morning cup.

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7. Bodum 1L Coffee Press, £19, amazon


This classic design has been made by Bodum since the 1950s and comes with two glass coffee cups. We found it ideal for parents of young babies, as it is designed to be operated with one hand, and not to spill if knocked over. It also has double walled glass to keep the coffee hotter for longer.

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8. Impress Coffee Brewer Travel Mug, £33, amazon


This is an on-the-go cafetière mug so you can have decent coffee wherever you are. As with traditional cafetières, add coffee and hot water to the

outer cup, stir and leave for a couple of minutes. Then gently plunge. The used grounds are kept away from the drink to avoid over brewing, and

the coffee will stay hot for hours.

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9. Kitchen Craft Le Xpress 3 Cup Cafetière, £19, amazon


This three-cup cafetière is described as belly shaped, which made us smile. We found it holds just the right amount for coffee for two, with enough for a little top up each. And thanks its added insulating wall, it kept our coffee warmer longer than your average glass piece.

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10. OXO Good Grips 8 Cup French Press, £30, amazon


The beauty of this cafetière is its patented groundskeeper ladle which catches all the used coffee so you can pull it out and throw it away, which makes washing out the jug quicker and easier. Be warned though, this only works with coarsely ground coffee.

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The Damask Cafetière from La Cafetière is a refreshing change from all the sleek silver and black coffee accessories on the market, though for shape alone the belly shaped Kitchen Craft Le Xpress 3 Cup Cafetière is my favourite.

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