11 best baby bottle sterilisers

Bamboozled by all the gear for tiny tots on the market? IndyBest tests gadgets for fuss-free feeding

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Up until your baby is at least a year old, their bottles and other feeding equipment that comes into contact with milk will need sterilising. Milk, after all, is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and babies are especially vulnerable to it. Not sure which steriliser brand or type to go for? Read on to find out the best of the bunch.

Remember that sterilisers that take both standard and wide-necked bottles are more versatile and that machines with space for feeding bowls and training cups will be useful during the weaning stage. If you travel a lot, sterilisers that can be used in the microwave or cold water can be a godsend, and we also rate machines that come with tongs.

{1} Vital Baby Nurture Microwave Steam Steriliser: £22.95, amazon.co.uk



This compact steriliser, which  you can store in the microwave, cleans very efficiently. It comes with 150ml and 240ml bottles, along with teat tongs. Simply pop the steriliser in the microwave,  add water, load and zap it to sanitise four bottles, teats and lids in four minutes.

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{2} Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Steriliser: £59.99, mothercare.com



If you like to sterilise all your baby gear, this is for you. The BPA-free steriliser transforms into three sizes and fits bottles, breast pumps and accessories, as well as plates and cutlery. It has a six-minute sterilisation cycle and an automatic power shut-off – just be sure to descale every couple of weeks.

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{3} MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser: £30, mothercare.com



This takes six MAM bottles and can be used as both a microwave and a cold-water steriliser. On the downside, you need to remove the whole teat and ring, which is still concealed in the lid, before heating the bottle. But we think it’s worth buying, particularly for MAM bottles’ help improving trapped wind and colic.

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{4} Dr Brown’s Newborns Electric Steam Steriliser: £58, boots.com



This is a great electric steam steriliser that is designed to fit all sizes of Dr Brown’s bottles and fits many other brands as well. It is compact, lightweight, BPA-free and sterilises six bottles in 12 minutes.

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{5} BEABA Big Expresso: £75, huggle.co.uk



This looks like a coffee machine for kids and acts like one – you can prepare a bottle one-handed in 30 seconds and also use it as a food-jar warmer, bottle warmer and steriliser. It has an integrated cleaning steam system and it sterilises up to three bottles in four minutes in the microwave.

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{6} NUK Micro Express Microwave steam Steriliser: £15.84, amazon.co.uk



This new-to-the-market machine steam-sterilises (the method used by hospitals) four bottles and accessories in just four minutes. Before you buy, be sure to check it will fit in your microwave.

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{7} Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steriliser: £41.90, amazon.co.uk



This slimline gadget keeps everything sterile for 24 hours if you keep the lid closed. Just push the button, which glows orange when you switch it on and goes off five minutes later when the cycle is finished. Give it three minutes to cool down and you’re good to go.

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{8} Boots Baby 2-in-1 Combination Steriliser: £19.99, boots.com



A great one for travelling, this bargain set-up has been designed for microwave or cold-water use and holds four extra-wide neck bottles (one of which is included) or normal bottles. It is made from durable BPA-free materials.

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{9} Milton Professional Cold-Water Steriliser: £14.99, amazon.co.uk



Cold-water sterilisers can be used anywhere so this is ideal if electricity’s an issue. Simply pop your bottle or breastfeeding equipment in, add the sterilising tablet or fluid and five litres of cold water, and everything will be kept sterile for 24 hours.

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{10} Babymoov Turbo Steam Electric Steriliser: £56.99, mothercare.com



Both the main trunk and arms are fitted with special steam outlets to ensure thorough sterilisation. Cleaning and drying up to six bottles and feeding accessories including breast pumps, it comes with a lifetime warranty – and a handy measuring cup.

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{11}  Boots Baby Electric Steam Steriliser: £34.99, boots.com



You can’t go wrong with this steam steriliser that tells you exactly how much water to use, as well as when your items are ready. Plus, if you keep it closed, it will keep your items sterile for up to six hours. It holds up to six extra wide neck bottles or breast feeding accessories, including breast pumps, and the digital display counts down the time it takes.

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Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Steriliser gets the biggest thumbs up from us. It ticks all the boxes and is reliable too. If you haven’t bought your baby bottles yet, we’d suggest upgrading to the Philips Avent Complete Natural Starter Set - £75 in Mothercare.

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