The 50 Best Garden Accessories - Pots and Planters

From the patio to the potting shed, Kate Watson-Smyth weeds out the grooviest gear for your great outdoors
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Capri Terracotta

That perfect mix of traditional material in a more contemporary design, so it should suit everyone. Itwon’t, of course, so it’s also worth pointing out that the price is for a set of three of different sizes, making it great value, too. Oka also does a good range of square and modern metal planters, or you can buy these pots individually if you don’t want to have three the same.

Where: Oka Direct (0844 815 7380;

How much: £99

Ceramic Pots

Taking the theme of having flowers in places other than on stems in beds, these glazed, square pots will look great on a patio or garden wall. Made from clay, they should last a long time. The downside is that they aren’t terribly big and it’s tricky to imagine what might go in the smallest one, but they’re so pretty that they could stand alone without anything in them. The set also comes in round.

Where: Able Gardener (01738 639222;

How much: £14

Moroccan Round Planter

Made from a durable frost-resistant resin, these planters are perfect for the urban terrace or balcony, but wouldn’t look amiss in a more traditional garden either. Clifton Nurseries is the oldest garden centre in London, founded in 1851, and stocks a huge variety of plants and pots as well as being a good source of advice for all-comers.

Where: Clifton Nurseries, 5a Clifton Villas, London W9 (020-7289 6851;

How much: from £55 to £75


Good old John Lewis can always be relied on to produce well-priced quality stuff and these frost-resistant ceramic plant pots are no exception, and look as if they come from somewhere far more sophisticated. They come in two sizes, in either a chalky-blue colour or olive green, and will add a bit of year-round colour to your garden. The small one is 29cm high and the larger one measures 36cm high.

Where: John Lewis (08456 049049;

How much: £30-£45

Balcony Pot

Yes, all right, lots of this stuff is too big for anyone who only has access to a balcony or roof terrace – so this one’s for you. Called a balcony pot, it does what it says on the tin and slots over the fence or railing so that you don’t lose any precious floor space – or, more importantly, have to fiddle about trying to hang the thing securely. Made from weatherproof resin, it comes in six colours – black, purple, orange, red, green and white.


How much: £39.99

Cylinder with Frame Planter Lite

A rather unattractive name for a rather nice pot. It’s actually made from terracotta despite the grey colour and is frost resistant. Measuring 45cm across, it’s a good size for the price and will suit a contemporary or more traditional garden given its slightly weathered appearance. B&Q have a great range of well-priced pots and it’s worth taking the time to plough through the – sometimes slow – website if you’re not within convenient driving distance.

Where: DIY (0845 609 6688;

How much: £44.98

Single Lit Planter

A plant pot with a difference and one that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in this highstreet emporium, which isn’t really known for cutting-edge design. Anyway, that just proves that you should never discount a shop on principle. Traditionally shaped, this pot is lit with white LED lights. It will look pretty in the day time with a dark-green plant, and glow gently at night – try putting on the edges of steps to light the way in a more imaginative fashion.

Where: Next (0844 844 8000;

How much: £40

Zinc Pot

This company rather annoyingly bills itself as “horti-couture” for outdoor spaces, but dreadful puns aside, these rather sweetly aged pots would look great on a window sill full of herbs, although remember tomake your own drainage holes by punching a spike through the bottom.Otherwise, come the first rainfall your plants will drown and their roots will rot.

Where: Myrtle and Mace (01539 822022;

How much: £5.95

Recycled Tyre

Time for a bit of eco-friendliness in the garden. These planters are smartly stitched with a metal button for decoration, and each one will have slightly different tread marks. From a distance, they appear to be made from leather and, grouped together, they look really good.

Where: TheUrban Garden (0845 257 3762;

How much: from £17 to £28


Habitat is the first port of call for many a home decorator and while its furniture is expensive, it sometimes surprises on the little things. This planter comes in a lovely chalky blue, yellow and charcoal and at this price you can afford a few of them dotted about perhaps with primroses in on a windowsill. It’s a shame Habitat doesn’t do online shopping, but perhaps it will in time.

Where: Habitat (08444 991111;

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