5 best sleeping bag liners

If you're going to sleep outdoors, you might as well do it in style. IndyBest picks the sleeping bag liners to keep you warm, toasty and totally bug-free

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They weigh about as much as a rolled up pair of socks and take up about the equivalent amount of space in your backpack. Whether you are about to leave for your highly anticipated gap year, or dash off on a fleeting city break, sleeping bag liners are absolutely the number one travel accessory to invest in.

1. Rab Cotton Liner: £16, rab.uk.com


Rab Cotton Liner_1.jpg

A cost-effective option, the beauty with this cotton product is that you can select from a variety of sizes and shapes to best complement your specifications. Options include standard, long, traveller (complete with pillow slip), mummy, and double. The cotton material means that these liners offer comfort and warmth, but they are slightly more bulky and weigh more (between 300-700g) than others on the market.

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2. Hobo Pure Silk Liner: £30.00, amazon.co.uk


Hobo Silk liner.jpg

Individually handmade in Vietnam, these liners are made from natural and undyed cotton silk, with no added chemicals or synthetics. This is a feel-good liner in more ways than one, as 50 pence of every sale is donated to the Midland Boys Orphanage in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

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3. Trespass Slumber Polycotton Liner: £10.99, trespass.com


Trespass Polycotton liner_1.jpg

If you are struggling to pack light, and are worried that added travel accessories will take up too much space in your baggage allowance, look no further than this polycotton liner. One of the lighter liners on offer, this product weighs in at 80 grams; that’s the equivalent to a couple of pairs of socks.

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4. Ex3 Silk Travel Sleeper: £49.99, lifeventure.co.uk


EX3 silk sleeper liner.jpeg

For those venturing off to tropical locations, this liner is anti-mosquito and – excellent if you foresee some time spent in questionable backpacker hostels – comes with a hidden security pocket inside and is bed bug repellent. Ultra-light weight (130g) and easily washable, it is 100% silk, which means that it will keep you warm in cool climates and cool in warmer ones.

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5. Military Issue Gortext Bivvy: £59.99, surplusandoutdoors.com


Military issue gortext _1.gif

Made in military-issue quality, this hardwearing product is designed to fit over a pre-existing sleeping bag, and is ideal for those exploring the rugged outdoors. Made from a breathable and waterproof material, it measures 83cm at the shoulders before tapering to 63cm at the feet. Not for the faint-hearted, it comes in an army camouflage design and weighs in at a whopping 890g.

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Silk liners are always a good choice as they made for a good night’s sleep in both warm and cold climates and are light and easy to transport; we recommend the EX3 silk liner for your next stint of travelling. However, on a budget, the Trespass polycotton liner is a great purchase.

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