9 best trampolines

Spring into summer with a garden toy that will keep everyone active

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Ask most parents which outside toy they’ve had the most play value from over the years and chances are they’ll say a trampoline. 

The first consideration for buyers is size, which will be dictated by your garden. But also remember that some have a more compact footprint than others, meaning you get more jumping space even though it’s smaller overall. Think about shape too. Round remains the most popular, but rectangle is a good choice for those more serious about gymnastics, while oval ones are good for narrower gardens and they outperform rounder ones in terms of jumping area. 

Choose a trampoline with a safety net, often called a safety enclosure. It’s estimated that around 80 per cent of trampoline injuries occur when there isn’t one and jumpers fall out. An in-ground model is a safe alternative that doesn’t need an enclosure. 

Finally, always make sure that you are able to buy spare parts for your trampoline. You may well need to buy the odd spring or pad after about five years, for a good-quality trampoline.

1. Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline: £995, Toys R Us


Spring-free trampolines are proven to be the safest in the world, with this one remaining the only trampoline on sale that’s endorsed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. And although it’s only 8ft x 11ft, the lack of springs around the outside means that it provides a jumping surface equivalent to a 12ft spring-based trampoline. A national installation service is available at any extra cost and there are other shapes and sizes available.

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2. Plum Latitude: From £600, John Lewis 


This is Plum’s new flagship model, which is a complete redesign of the more conventionally shaped trampoline, with curved legs, monochrome colour scheme and huge enclosure uprights. It boasts extra-long springs, a thick steel frame and reversible safety pads, and the enclosure can easily be dropped down in strong winds. Available in three sizes.

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3. TP Challenger SurroundSafe Trampoline: From £150, TP Toys


New from TP is this range of durable, yet affordable, trampolines which include the SurroundSafe enclosure so that kids can’t touch the springs while jumping. Available in four sizes, they use heavy-duty, galvanised steel, meaning they can withstand the coldest UK winters, and the high number of springs – which range from 42 to 80, depending on the size – give a high bounce straight up rather than at an angle to reduce risk injuries.

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4. Capital InGround Trampoline: From £625, Capital Play


Worried your new trampoline will be an eyesore in your garden? This company’s speciality is the in-ground variety. There’s a patented air vent system in the surround pad that gives a great bounce and there are loads of add-ons available, including half or full net and the first-ever under trampoline lighting. The round one comes in four sizes, and you can get rectangular too.

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5. FitBounce Pro: £299, Rebound UK


This bungee-sprung fitness trampoline is great for all the family, including older kids and adults, and can be used indoors too, not least because it’s silent so won’t annoy others while they’re watching telly or working. Its spring-loaded folding leg system means it’s easy to set up and store away. 

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6. Jumpking ZorbPOD: £549, Jump King


We love the look that the curved sides give this uber-modern trampoline, and it’s practical too, with the rounded net shape providing a particularly spacious jumping experience. It’s much quicker to put together than most trampolines of this size, due to the company’s patented POD-connectors that mean everything slots together easily, and the frame is particularly strong and stable. Available in two sizes, 12ft and 14ft.

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7. Galt Folding Trampoline: £47, amazon


No need for little ones to miss out on the fun, with this small trampoline that you can use inside or out. There’s an easy-grip handle for those still finding their feet, a weatherproof jumping area and robust steel frame. The bungee cord is hidden by the padded cover for safety and the best news for those who hate clutter is that it’s easy to fold the legs and store it.

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8. Wrigglebox Superior Rectangular Jump Trampoline: £330, Wayfair 


Rectangular trampolines are used by athletes for training because they provide a higher altitude and absorb more force during the landing. So if your child is serious about gymnastics, this 6ft x 9ft one is a great choice. It’s sturdy, with galvanised steel springs, durable green surround padding and strong netting, although not as large as some.

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9. Plum 7 foot Junior Jumper: £170, amazon


Great for little ones, this has a lower height frame than most and it is totally spring safe on account of the jumping mat being sewn to the safety pad/enclosure – meaning no access at all to the springs. Available in a pink and purple combo, or blue and green, the only shame is that the colour schemes feel a bit gendered.

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The Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline ticks every box and is hard to fault. If your purse strings won’t stretch that far, we suggest the Plum Latitude, which is fantastic value for a robust, safe and great-looking model.

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