10 best water bottles

Stay hydrated throughout the day with a practical and reusable vessel

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Whether you’re looking for a new bottle to take to the gym, go running or cycling with, or you simply want to make sure you’re drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of water a day, buying a reusable bottle can save you money in the long run.

We’ve found a selection of water bottles that are worth investing in. All free from BPA (a chemical used to make certain types of plastic that research shows can affect your health if it seeps into your water), we’ve tested them all to see how easy they are to use and drink from, if they leak in your bag and how to keep them clean. Here are our favourites.

1. Chilly’s Pastel Edition, 500ml: £12, Chilly's


Claiming to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours, it certainly delivers – our cuppa was still ready to drink when we returned to it well over the suggested time. It also does a great job of keeping cold drinks chilled and the mouthpiece is a good size to drink from (no water running down your chin as you take a swig). This design also comes in a range of pastel colours, our favourite was the blue but there’s also pink, green and purple available. It didn’t leak in our bag when we took it to work and on a walk and the cylinder box packaging is rather stylish, making it a great gift idea too. But just remember it’s not dishwasher safe.

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2. Brita Blue Sports Water Bottle, 600ml: £12, Argos


This sporty bottle from Brita is ideal for the gym or if you’re the outdoorsy type who loves going on long walks or hikes. Being Brita, it of course has a filter to reduce impurities, such as chlorine, reaching your mouth. There’s a bit of setting up required though to get this working. You have to soak the filter provided in warm water for roughly a minute and then place it in a compartment in the lid. The filter will need soaking every four weeks to keep it clean. It’s pretty easy to set up though, if you follow the instructions provided. There’s also a lid to stop leakage in your bag and a hoop so you can attach it to your rucksack. Due to the filter, water flows through the mouthpiece a little slower than others we tried but it’s a great bottle for those who are active and like the idea of drinking filtered water on the go. 

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3. Root 7 Corkcicle Canteen, 255ml: £18, Cuckooland


Root 7 creates stylish and functional products including this unusual-looking drinks bottle. Looking like a cocktail shaker, this vessel is made out of stainless steel and comes in a variety of colours, but our favourite is this copper-coloured one. It claims to keep cold drinks cool for 25 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. We tested this out and found it to be true – in fact our hot drink was still drinkable 24 hours later. The secure lid also means it’s a good one for putting in your bag when you’re out and about or to use at work. It’s dishwasher proof too. 

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4. Klean Kanteen Classic Bottle With Sport Cap, 800ml: £17, Amazon


Klean Kanteen has a range of reusable water bottles that are all BPA-free. Our top choice from its collection though is this stainless steel option with an easy-access mouthpiece that makes drinking on the go simple. The bottle itself is lightweight, keeps your drink cool and has a loop on the lid so you can attach it to your bag. It’s the ideal bottle for taking on hikes around the countryside. Available in pink, teal and lime green. 

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5. LifeLine Corsa Water Bottle, 550ml: £3, Wiggle


Here’s one for keen cyclists from cycling manufacturer LifeLine. This bottle is easy to grab and stay hydrated with when you’re out on the roads. The rubber mouthpiece is simple to drink from and you can squeeze the bottle to increase the speed of water flow if needed. There’s also a measure on the side so you can see how much water you’ve drank and what’s left. Coming in a range of colours and only costing £3, this is great value for any sporty types.

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6. bkr Silver Wren Heart Water Bottle, 500ml: £28, Amazon


This pretty design is a limited edition from bkr, which designs fashionable water bottles. The blue and silver mix is our favourite but there are also other colour selections and styles if you don’t want a heart on the front of your bottle. Coming in two sizes – 500ml and 1 litre – we’d recommend getting the 500ml version, the bigger size is a bit bulky. The silicon casing makes for good grip when drinking or carrying around and if you’re using it in the office it also means it sticks to the desk slightly so there is less risk of knocking it over. This glass bottle is a great option for those who just want something stylish to drink their water from. 

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7. Infruition Sport Water Bottle, 700ml: £15, Amazon


For anyone who doesn’t like the taste of water this is the one for you. The central section of the bottle, which you can access by unscrewing the lid and pulling out, can be filled with fruit, veg or herbs of your choosing. We tested it with strawberries, fitting in a surprisingly large amount. You then get a mild strawberry-flavoured water and the filter does a good job of stopping bits seeping through. The top section comes with a lid to stop leakage and the bottle fits a large amount of water in. The bottle itself is also dishwasher proof, although the cap and central section need to be hand washed. 

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8. Bobble Blue Water Bottle, 550ml: £8, Amazon


Bobble has a great range of water bottles to pick from, but for easy, every day drinking, we like this one. The mouthpiece is attached to a small filter which removes chlorine and other contaminants from the water in the bottle. Before use, fill the bottle with water and squeeze it though the filter and out the mouthpiece to get rid of carbon dust that may be present. The filter lasts for roughly three months and you can buy new filters online for about £5 or £6. The curved design means it’s also comfy to hold, although the lid was a little tricky to get off at first. It’s a good choice for the gym or at the office. 

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9. CamelBak Eddy Insulated Bottle Sapphire, 600ml: £15, Amazon


Ideal for those who prefer using a straw-based bottle, this one from CamelBak works by biting down on the mouthpiece to get water to flow through. Once done, you can flip the mouthpiece back to stop any leakage and clip to your bag using the loop. There’s also a double-wall system which is meant to cut down condensation and keep water cool, which we think it did well. We especially liked the look and design of this one and drinking from it and refilling it was hassle-free. A great day-to-day water bottle. It also comes in other colours.

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10. Nike T1 Flow Swoosh, 473ml: £16, Amazon


This vibrant, see-through bottle from Nike has good grip, making it a strong option for those who like to drink when running. The pop-up mouthpiece means that you don’t have to tilt the bottle too far before water runs through either, so it’s easy to drink from. It also has volume measurements up the side meaning you can see exactly how much you’re drinking and you can clip the bottle to your bag with the loop on the lid. It’s a solid sporty option.

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The Verdict: Water bottles

If you want a bottle for hot and cold drinks then Chilly’s is our winner, looking stylish and fulfilling its claims. If you want one to take to the gym or for outdoor activities, we’d recommend CamelBak’s easy-to-use bottle.

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