The 10 Best wireless speakers

These speakers – whether mini or massive - combine great sound quality and a pleasing lack of wires to tangle with...

1. AQ Audio Smartspeaker

£195, amazon

Speakers to melt the hearts of hi-fi nerds. The sleek 24W can be divided, becoming individual wireless iPhone/PC docks, or put together for full stereo sound.

2. Bose SoundLink Mobile speaker II

£249.95, amazon

When Soundlink arrived in 2011, it blew the top off the Bluetooth speaker category, so punchy was the sound. Now it's even better.

3. John Lewis Boom Bar Wireless Speaker

£29.95, johnlewis

These are ideal for new students who don't want to take pricey speakers into halls. They have an eight-hour battery life.

4. ION Water Rocker Waterproof Floating

£39.99, amazon

Pop this in the bath while you're having your evening soak. It bobs in the water, while your MP3 stays a respectful distance away.

5. Nokia Play 360

£89, amazon

This has a whopping 24-hours of battery life. Ideal then, for when you are camping or at a music festival (preferably not in the British weather). The sound is 360 degrees.

6. Beats By Dr Dre Beatbox Portable

£319, amazon

These have a whacking deep bass. Looks-wise they are unmistakeably Beats, and have little carrying grips.

7. Big Jambox

£202, amazon

At 1.23kg it's not as bag-friendly as its little brother the Jawbone. But the loudness sure makes up for the weightiness. It connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

8. Logitech Ue Mobile Boombox

£59.99, amazon

This is tiny with a surprisingly warm sound. Has a 10-hour battery life and an option that turns it into a speaker phone.

9. Monitor WS100

£199, amazon

When you want to play your music straight from your PC or Mac, there's this nifty pair of 20w speaker with a surprisingly oomphy sound.

10. Libratone Zipp

£369.99, johnlewis

Audiophiles argue endlessly about the difference in quality between Bluetooth and home Wi-Fi. This creates its own Wi-Fi hot spot and then links in your iPad or iPod.