The 10 Best heaters

Get the shed, garage, office and even the living room nice and toasty with these portable fans, fires and radiators

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1. Prem-I-Air Ceramic electric tower heater: £69, amazon


This versatile and portable electric fan can be easily used for both home and commercial use. Comes with a range of safety features.

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2. Warmlite 2KW black radiator: £40, amazon


With a stylish black finish, this includes three heat settings, a timer function and a variable thermostat.

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3. Prem-I-Air 2KW convector heater: £30, amazon


You could save this as a great back-up heater should the boiler gives up the ghost in the heart of winter, or mount it on a wall permanently.

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4. iRad 1kw panel heater: £80, Argos


The black glass finish on this wall-mountable panel heater looks super-slick and it is a stylish way to add some extra warmth to your home without plumbing work.

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5. Dimplex Exlectric flat fan heater: £27, amazon


A dinky little heater with a brightpink design that would undoubtedly go down well in a child's room. It's great value for money.

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6. Dimplex MicroFire: £60, amazon


A festive little number that comes in glossy black or red, this small, freestanding electric fire heater is a miniature version of the world's bestselling flame effect.

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7. De'Longhi convector heater: £39, amazon


This convector heater is lightweight with integrated carry handles, meaning it can be easily moved from room to room and is also wall mountable.

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8. Bionaireradiator 2.5KW: £80, John Lewis


A high-quality, oil-filled heater which comes on wheels. It can be easily rolled around the home as required and features a variable thermostat and timer function.

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9. AM04 Dyson Hot: £400, John Lewis


The super geeks at Dyson have only gone and reinvented the household heater. The freestanding device beams heat evenly around the room.

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10. De'Longhi retro chrome: £180, amazon


This stylised fan heater should still get things heated up nicely. Don't let the vintage design fool you – it still comes with a range of temperature settings.

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