The 10 Best sofa beds

Got the relatives coming to stay this Christmas? Put them up in style with one of these stylish (and comfy) couches

{1} Fizz Foam Fold Out

With its deep, plump pillows and jet-black cover, you'd never guess that the Fizz Foam Fold out costs less than £200. Even less so, when you see it fold out, which it does with unusual ease, and turn into a comfy occasional bed.


{2} Cuba Futon

Simple, clean-lined and Swedish in aesthetic, this futon is perfect for your spare room or office. It's as comfortable as an everyday sofa and folds out deftly to become a spacious and not uncomfy double bed. The mattress could stand to be a little thicker, but at this price, one can't complain.


{3} Beddinge LOVAS

This three-seat sofa bed from the Swedish design superstore has a clean design and is great value. The customisation options make it even more attractive; you can choose from a range of mattresses and at least half a dozen different coloured covers that guarantee it should sit well in any household it finds itself in.


{4} Sidney Chaise Longue

Fans of cubism will take great delight in arranging, then rearranging the cushions on this sofa bed to make their own personal settee skylines. The Italian fabric, the deep and luxurious seating and the generously sized fold-out double bed really add value to this modern piece of furniture.


{5} Stay Chaise

A stylish chaise that comes in a whole spectrum of colours, from an almost fluorescent pink, to a deep lilac. The top seatpad can be folded on to the floor, creating a double bed as simple as the sofa it came from.


{6} Charlie

This classic-looking Bolero leather sofa, which comes in black or brown, wouldn't look out of place in nightclub. Well, obviously it would if the bed popped out, but looking at it, you'd never guess.


{7} Sofa Bed

No surprise that this strangely nameless and seriously stern-looking piece of furniture comes from the designers who invite you to "make your home a statement". The backrest can pinch in at each end to make it a little more cosy and it folds down flat to create a side-less double bed.


{8} Orlando

A futon is surely one of Japan's finest exports. This original-looking double-seater from the company that helped bring them to the West is an absolute bargain, and can bring a sense of space and calm to even the most awkwardly shaped room.


{9} Doc Bunkbed

Furniture designer Bonbon has achieved what many would deem impossible, if not a little insane; a sofa bunk bed. This incredible engineering feat means that with a flick of the wrist, you can have two kids fighting over who gets to sleep up top. Bed time just a little bit easier.

£ 2,850,

{10} Charcoal Sofa Bed

The Japanese lifestyle store has made some subtle redesigns to this piece of classic modern Eastern furniture. The sofa bed now features a high back cushion for extra comfort and the deep seat should have you reclining in no time.