The 10 Best wrapping paper

Reusable, recyclable, retro and reprints... result. Here are ten of the coolest ways to wrap your presents this Christmas

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{1} Wragwrap Crackle Medium

This environmentally friendly gift wrap is made from recycled plastic bottles and polyester. Instead of sticky tape, it is fastened using a cord and button, so it can be reused dozens of times. The material is even designed to make that proper paper crackling sound to please the traditionalists.


{2} Christmas Doodles

A rather sweet felt-tip pen doodle design adorns this wrapping paper, which includes charming drawings of all the festive favourites; Santa, snowmen, stars and even the odd penguin. It also comes as a two-pack, making it excellent value for money.


{3} 1973 Woodland

A contemporary yet rustic design from James and Emma Emmerson; the very cool pair behind the 1973 brand, which specialises in beautifully made printed products. As well as being a lovely piece of graphic design, the paper is made from 100 per cent recycled rubbish.


{4} Rachel Ortas Ai Ai

Illustrator Rachel Ortas's well-known Ai Ai monsters feature on this collaborative design with Magma. They're kind of cute and kind of scary, but perfect for any graphic-design geek, who will probably unwrap it with a scalpel to preserve the artwork.


{5} Paradiso

Bright tropical birds contrast with black-and-white flora on this high quality, yet very affordable, printed gift wrap from Paperchase. An elegantly designed wrapping paper to encase only the most sophisticated of gifts.


{6} Andy Rementer Nobrow

This super funky banana-themed wrapping paper is the brainchild of renowned US illustrator Andy Rementer, famed for his pop-vintage and cartoon designs. As anyone who works in creative industries will tell you, the guy is an absolute hero in the graphic art world. If framed, it would make a fine gift in itself.


{7} Kate Garey Barn Owl

This owl-pattern gift wrap, printed on high quality matt paper, is the work of super-cutesy designer Kate Garey who specialises in pastel-shade depictions of animals. The bright turquoise polka dots will definitely stand out under the tree.


{8} Ella Doran Records

No prizes for guessing who this is best for! That's right, treat the music lover in your life with this vintage vinyl-themed wrapping paper, but don't blame us if they don't like the Now 83 album you've given them.


{9} Voysey Wrap and Tag Set

This wrapping paper and tag set, from the Victoria and Albert museum's gift shop, is perfect for fans of design classics. The iconic 19th-century floral pattern is adapted from the work of architect and designer C F A Voysey, known for his beautiful wallpaper.


{10} Beano cover

As anyone who was ever young will tell you, Christmas could never be complete without an edition of the latest Beano annual. Now you can totally ruin the surprise by leaving it under the tree wrapped in this. Or, if you want to really confuse someone, use it to wrap up the Dandy instead.