RUBBERBANDance Group, Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London

In Gravity of Center, RUBBERBANDance Group literally pushes its dancers to the brink. Early on, the five dancers scurry up to the front of the stage, where one of them lurches out, starting to fall. The others are only just in time to save him, grabbing hold of his arms or clutching at his clothes. The audience audibly catches its breath.

The claws are out for lobster's social status

It's classic cinematic shorthand. A person eating lobster in a film is usually doing so for one reason: to communicate, at a stroke, that they are horribly snooty – or just plain loaded. It is a synecdoche for luxury living. Or at least it was.

Next challenge? Bring back Treasure Hunt

TV presenter Anneka Rice is calling for the return of her Eighties gameshow favourite Treasure Hunt to our screens. But she's not suggesting getting back into the jumpsuit, rather getting a new host for the clue-solving show (it briefly reappeared in 2002, too).

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Turbot charged: Skye Gyngell has created a special menu for a series

Petersham in the evening is a truly magical place to be at this time of year, when the sun doesn't set until late in the evening; there is a sense of mystery about it – a misty glow in the air. The nursery in particular is looking spectacular, with glorious displays of flowers – roses, poppies, dahlias and purple-headed scabiosas – while the herbs in our kitchen garden are abundant and at their best, too, ready to be picked and used at will. This summer we have been hosting a handful of supper clubs – and here I've recreated what we cooked on one of those special nights.