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Royal Academy to celebrate a century of British sculpture

A crumbling barnyard, a room full of page three girls and a previously undisplayed work by Damien Hirst will be among the artworks included in the first retrospective of 20th century British sculpture to be held in this country for nearly three decades.

Paul Sandby: Calm after the storm

Paul Sandby was an angry young man who turned his fire on William Hogarth. So what's with the serene landscapes, asks Tom Lubbock

Is Harry Blain Britart's most powerful man?

Once upon time there was a great institution, tucked in just behind London's Royal Academy, called The Museum of Mankind. For 30 years it showed off the British Museum's extensive collective of ethnographical objects. About 10 years ago it closed its doors, and the building's been looking pretty woebegone ever since then, used for just a few days once a year to house the Zoo Art Fair. Otherwise, it has been empty and in serious need of refurbishment. Now a man called Harry Blain has brought it to life by leasing it from the Royal Academy and turning it into a private gallery. Except that it doesn't look and feel like a private gallery. It has all the panache of a museum space.

Royal Academy show in doubt as Russia withdraws artworks

A forthcoming exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, of major artworks from Russia's most prestigious museums, is under threat after Russian authorities withdrew its loan of several pieces. They have voiced fears that the paintings could be seized in legal battles over their rightful ownership.