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Trump: Celebrities condemn ‘dangerous’ president for removing face mask despite being contagious with coronavirus

‘He’s the most dangerous US president of my lifetime,’ Mia Farrow wrote

Jacob Stolworthy
Tuesday 06 October 2020 16:21 BST
Trump rips off mask after arriving back at White House

Donald Trump is being heavily criticised by celebrities for removing his facemask despite having coronavirus.

The US president was on his way back to the White House after being checked out of hospital when he took his mask off for a photo opportunity.

He then turned and entered a room full of aides without putting it back on.

Celebrities, including Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista and Mia Farrow, all condemned Trump for his actions on social media.

Mia Farrow branded Trump the “most dangerous US president of [her] lifetime”.

On Twitter, she wrote: “Gasping for air during strange photo op just before re-entering WH without mask. God help all the good people he will infect this week and may God hep us all.”

Moon director Duncan Jones branded the move “f***ing insane”.

“Who let him do this?” he asked, adding: “What is he trying to project here? That he’s ok? That he’s alive? That America is doing just great?”

Community actor Ken Jeong posted a video of the unwell president, writing: “Gasping for air. And credibility.”

Dave Bautista said he struggled to watch the clip, especially considering he believes it’s easy to see Trump is “struggling to breathe” in it.

“I’m an asthmatic,” he wrote. “That’s what I would look like if I was trying to hide that I was having an asthma attack. Well, not all orange and bloated with a combover and a bad suit... but otherwise.. yeah. I recognise that struggle to breathe.”

He urged Donald Trump Jr to take his dad “back to the hospital”.

American Dad star Curtis Armstrong, who also appeared in Revenge of the Nerds, was particularly furious considering his father “died of Covid alone in a hospital”.

“I had to say goodbye to him over a phone,” he told his followers. “Trump got a joyride to sooth his desperate need for attention, while endangering the lives of the Secret Service people in the car with him. To hell with him and all who enable him.”

Earlier this week, Trump fans were lambasted for playing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” outside the hospital Trump was staying in without realising what they lyrics actually mean.

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