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Spotify Wrapped: Users ‘embarrassed’ as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton soundtrack dominates end-of-year lists

‘Spotify Wrapped exposed my depressed phase where I listened to nothing but the Hamilton soundtrack for a month straight,’ one fan commented

Isobel Lewis
Wednesday 02 December 2020 10:20
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Spotify users have been left “embarrassed” after Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton soundtrack dominated their 2020 Spotify Wrapped lists.

The soundtrack to Miranda’s hip-hop musical about US founding father Alexander Hamilton was first released in 2015, but following the musical’s arrival on Disney+ in July, the show has regained popularity.

As a result, as music fans raced to Spotify to see their most popular artists and songs of the year on Wednesday (2 December), many were shocked to see the soundtrack dominating their most listened to lists.

“I HATE MYSELF MY HAMILTON PHASE WAS SO APPARENT AND NOW MY ENTIRE 2020 WRAPPED IS JUST HAMILTON I WAS HOPING IT WAS GONNA BE DOJA CAT WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY,” one fan commented, with their top artists list entirely made up of the show’s individual cast members.

“My spotify wrapped exposed my extremely depressed phase where i listened to literally nothing but the hamilton soundtrack for a month straight. i am EMBARRASSED,” another tweeted.

Many users shared screenshots of the amount of time they spent listening to the soundtrack, with one fan commenting: “Can’t get over the fact that I’m in the top 0.05% of streamers of Hamilton. That’s so crazy. My Top 5 songs are also Hamilton lol.”

“Not me listening to Hamilton for 6780 minutes since it released in July,” another wrote, while one listener tweeted: “I basically pay for a subscription to the Hamilton playlist.”

You can find out how to make your own Spotify Wrapped playlist here.

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