Raised by Wolves star sent to hospital after being bitten six times by beach seal

‘They have big teeth!’ HBO Max star said of the marine mammals

Nicole Vassell
Thursday 05 January 2023 19:40 GMT
Seal twins set free

Raised by Wolves actor Loulou Taylor shared images of her injuries after being attacked by a seal.

The actor, who played Cassia in the HBO Max sci-fi drama series, was in the water at Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, when the marine mammal came ashore.

In footage shared by the New York Post, beachgoers are seen excited by the seal’s presence at first, however, the atmosphere shifts as the seal begins biting people.

It returns to the water where it encounters Taylor, who’d been swimming and had missed the commotion from other beachgoers.

In footage shared on her Instagram story, Taylor showed a picture of her bloodied hand with a warning to others thinking of visiting the tourist spot.

“Be careful swimming at Clifton!” her caption, posted on Wednesday (4 January), reads.

“I was attacked by a seal in the water and bitten six times, requiring an ER visit and strong antibiotics. They have big teeth! Thank you [to] those who helped me in and out of the water.”

After this, Taylor shared an update with her injured fingers bandaged up, with a message telling fans that she was “on the mend”.

Loulou Taylor, an actor, was bitten by a seal on a South African beach

Other onlookers shared footage from the moment the seal began its rampage.

At the start, many seemed thrilled to spot the seal in the water. Things soon turned darker when the animal opened its mouth and lunged for a young boy’s leg.

Later, voices are heard pleading with others to “get out of the water!”

Loulou Taylor’s warning after being bitten by a seal

Taylor also posted a joke image showing a picture of herself swimming with a seal floating just below her, in a parody of the 1975 horror film Jaws.

“Finally a cover girl!” she wrote. “Thank you to the artist and another thank you to the men who rescued me. I still love the ocean and all of its animals.”

Raised by Wolves was cancelled after two seasons in June 2022, after structural changes within Warner Bros, HBO Max’s parent company. It was removed from the streaming platform in December.

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