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The best cheap tablet deals in August 2022: iPad, Lenovo, Samsung Galaxy and more

Big screen or small; iOS, Windows or Android, you don’t want to miss these offers

<p>If you’re not already in Apple’s ecosystem, it’s worth considering an iPad rival</p>

If you’re not already in Apple’s ecosystem, it’s worth considering an iPad rival

For years now, tech firms like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have told us that the future of computing is tablets instead of laptops.

These companies produce tablets with a broad range of screen sizes, features and prices. Some can be bought with detachable keyboards, others have convenient kickstands, and many work with digital styluses, for help in unleashing your inner artist.

Tablets are often lighter, thinner and generally more portable and convenient than a laptop, with a broader price range and smartphone-based operating systems to make them easy enough for anyone to use.

When thinking of tablet computers, it’s easy to jump straight into the Apple Store and pick up an iPad. And while, yes, the iPad range is larger than ever – with prices stretching from a little over £300 for the latest, ninth-generation iPad (from £319,, to over six times that for a fully-loaded 12.9in iPad pro (£2,149,, there are plenty of alternatives out there, too.

Companies like Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft all offer a range of tablets to choose from. If you don’t own any Apple devices, and aren’t in the company’s ecosystem, then looking at an alternative manufacturer can be a great idea – and potentially save you some money, too.

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The best tablet deals for August 2022 in the UK are:

  • Apple iPad pro, 2021, 12.9in, 128GB: Was £999, now £954,
  • Apple iPad mini 2021, 8.3in, 64GB, wifi: Was £479, now £459,
  • Apple iPad air 2020, 10.9in, 256GB, wifi: Was £669, now £569,
  • Samsung Galaxy tab S7: Was £559, now £419.99,
  • Samsung Galaxy tab A8: Was £219, now £156.19,
  • Huawei matepad pro: Was £499.99, now £258.57,
  • Microsoft Surface pro 7: Was £799, now £592.25,
  • Microsoft Surface pro 8: Was £999, now £921,
  • Samsung Galaxy tab active 3: Was £425, now £379,
  • Amazon fire hd 10: Was £134.99, now £89.99,

Apple iPad pro, 2021, 12.9in, 128GB: Was £999, now £954,

There’s a modest £45 off the 128GB version of the latest iPad pro at Currys, which should appeal to anyone not willing to shell out almost two grand for the 2TB model featured above. Similar savings can be found on the 256GB and 512GB models if you need some extra space, but we’re big fans of spending less on on-device storage and more on cloud storage, especially if you’ve got fast wi-fi.

You can choose between a silver-grey or grey iPad pro at Currys. Both colourways offering slightly different discounts, so be sure to check out both before you add the tablet to your basket.

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Apple iPad mini 2021, 8.3in, 64GB, wifi: Was £479, now £459,

Apple’s all-new iPad mini is its most compact tablet, but still packs an 8.3in display in its slim, aluminium body. The tablet is powered by Apple’s own A15 bionic chip and is available with either 64GB or 256GB of storage. The front and rear cameras both have a resolution of 12MP and it works with Apple’s second-generation Pencil stylus. Being so new, there aren’t many deals around for this tablet, so a £20 saving at Amazon is no bad thing.

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Apple iPad air 2020, 10.9in, 256GB, wifi: Was £669, now £569,

This deal at Amazon sees the 2020 iPad Air reduced by 15 per cent. Specifically, this is the 256GB model with wifi and in sky blue. Redesigned in 2020, the iPad air has a 10.9in display and a TouchID fingerprint reader built into the side-mounted power button. There’s a 12MP camera on the rear and a 7MP camera on the front for FaceTime video calls.

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Samsung Galaxy tab S7: Was £559, now £419.99,

This Galaxy tab S7 from Samsung has been reduced by a massive 25 per cent. The S7 has a 12.4in touchscreen display, 128GB of data and is discounted in mystic green. As with other Samsung tablets the S pen is included with the tablet to be used as a mouse or stylus. In fact, we even named it our best Android tablet in our 2021 roundup. Our reviewer said: “Samsung’s tablet looks glorious, with a pin-sharp OLED display that is easily the best screen on any Android tablet and a fast processor which is highly responsive.”

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Samsung Galaxy tab A8, 10.5in, 32GB: Was £219, now £156.19,

The Galaxy tab A series is Samsung’s range of budget-friendly tablets, and if you’re simply after a portable screen so you can watch your YouTube videos in the bathtub we can’t recommend them highly enough. The A8 is the latest in this series of affordable Android tablets, but it has quality where it counts. Samsung’s saved money by skimping on storage and RAM (which you don’t need for streaming) but focused on build quality, a long battery life, top security specs and proper stereo speakers.

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Huawei matepad pro: Was £499.99, now £258.57,

The 4G version of Huawei’s flagship tablet has dropped in price by £150. This is a stylish device with a premium design and a class-leading battery life. Our reviewer did note however, that it lacks some of the more useful apps you might find on the iPad pro. For everyday use and entertainment however, it’s a brilliant piece of hardware with a luscious, high-resolution screen.

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Microsoft Surface pro 7: Was £799, now £592.25,

The Surface pro 7 has a large 12.3in display, is powered by a desktop-grade Intel Core i3 processor and runs Windows 11. A clever kickstand on the back flips out to hold the surface at various angles while you want to work or watch a video and, unlike many other tablets, the Microsoft Surface pro 7 has a range of ports for easily connecting USB-A and USB-C devices.

Read our review of the Microsoft Surface pro 8

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Microsoft Surface pro 8: Was £999, now £921,

There’s over £94 to be saved on the Surface pro 8 tablet by Microsoft. This particular version of the three-in-one machine is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’s the latest-generation of Surface pro, which arrived in 2021, and can work as both a laptop and a tablet when connected to an optional keyboard, which also doubles as a folding protective case.

Read our review of the Microsoft Surface pro 8

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Samsung Galaxy tab active 3: Was £425, now £379,

This enterprise-grade 8in tablet comes in a ruggedised IP68 case and is able to withstand water, dust and 1.5m drops. Designed for use in the field, the hardened Galaxy tab active 3 can be used while wearing gloves, has a NFC scanner for checking employee IDs, visitor passes, or taking payments, and is equipped with Google’s augmented reality camera technology to unlock more options for on-site inpections.

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Amazon Fire HD 10: Was £134.99, now £89.99,

Chosen as our best Amazon tablet, the Fire HD 10 has a 10in display, powerful processor and a 32GB storage capacity with extra operating memory to make it even faster that older versions. With a 12-hour battery life, it is the perfect tablet to binge watch your favourite series on and with a 33 per cent discount, what more could you want?

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