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Best dehumidifier deals in the May sales: Top savings from Amazon, Very and more

Tackle damp and pollutants, with these discounted dehumidifiers

Sarah Jones
Tuesday 30 April 2024 17:15
These energy-efficient appliances can help dry your laundry, too
These energy-efficient appliances can help dry your laundry, too (The Independent )

If damp in your home is a growing concern, a dehumidifier might have made its way onto your wishlist. However, with the cost-of-living crisis also a concern, we’ve tracked down the best dehumidifier deals around.

Luckily, for those looking to invest in these often pricey household appliances, there are plenty of offers available this month, courtesy of Amazon, Appliances Direct and more.

If you’re wondering how they work, dehumidifiers remove excess water in the air and lower humidity levels, which, in turn, gets rid of allergens, mould, damp and pollutants. Not only are they an economical way to dry your laundry – as they draw moisture from fabrics – they are also cost-efficient (the average cost of running a dehumidifier is less than 40p an hour).

So, whether you’re looking to have one in a large or small room, there are plenty of options on offer across mini and extra-large machines. We’ve spotted some serious savings on models from big-name brands, including Sharp, Black+Decker and more. There are some huge savings to be had on large 20l capacity models, as well as compact options.

Helping you in your dehumidifier-buying quest, the IndyBest team is here to point you in the direction of the hottest deals available now.

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The best dehumidifier deals for May 2024 in the UK are:

ElectriQ 5l low-energy compact compressor dehumidifier and anti-odour air purifier: Was £129.97, now £79.98,

(Appliances Direct)

If cost-effectiveness is high on your checklist, this 5l option from ElectriQ could be one dehumidifier to consider. The energy-efficient model can be set to auto-switch, using the 24-hour timer, and it will switch off automatically when the water tank is full. Meanwhile, you can boost clothes-drying times, and set the perfect humidity level, thanks to the humidistat. Featuring an activated carbon filter, to help remove odours, this seems like a bargain at less than £80.

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Sharp UD-P20U-W dehumidifier: Was £280, now £219,


Named best dehumidifier for large areas in our guide, this chunky option has seen a nice saving. “This Sharp model is able to absorb up to 20l of water per day and the swinging setting means it can cover an entire room,” shared our tester. They added: “We were shocked by just how well this machine worked – we left it running in different areas of the house, and the air felt a lot dryer and clearer”. So, clearly, it works wonders.

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ElectriQ 25l laundry dehumidifier and antibacterial UV and HEPA air purifier: Was £363, now £209.97,

(Appliances Direct)

Save more than £150 when you buy this laundry dehumidifier, which is billed as being both an economical and efficient way of tackling condensation and mould in your home. With laundry and sleep mode for when you want to get some shut-eye sans the distraction of the LED lights, this model is able to oust 25l of moisture from the air over the course of a day. Designed for medium and even larger spaces, connect the dehumidifier to your smart device and you can control it remotely, using Alexa and Google Home.

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ElectriQ 10l laundry dehumidifier with air purifier mode: Was £129.98, now £94.97,

(Appliances Direct)

The LED lights on this model clearly indicate the humidity level of the room it’s in, whether it’s ideal, above ideal or high. It also comes with a dedicated laundry mode (to help your clothes dry faster) and a 24-hour timer. The activated carbon filter also helps filter out any unpleasant odours that might be lingering. Plus, when the 2.4l water tank is full, the appliance will switch off automatically.

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De’Longhi DEX212F dehumidifier: Was £268.97, now £179.97,


In our guide to the best dehumidifiers, this model was named best for drying laundry. Our tester had a lot of great things to say about this 14l device: “This model has a sleek, modern design that means you can plonk it in any room without it looking out of place,” they began. They added: “It did a great job of helping to speed up the amount of time it took for our clothes to dry, which is super handy during the winter months, when the washing line is out of action.”

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Avalla X-200 smart large eco dehumidifier: Was £234.99, now £159.99,

(Avalla )

This dehumidifier has been reduced by a helpful £75. In addition to its sci-fi-tastic look, this model from Avalla is eco-friendly, as it is non-toxic and, according to the brand, has lower global warming potential than its competitors. It does this while still being able to defend your home from mould, bacteria, fungus, condensation and allergies, covering an impressive 50 square metres. 

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ELECCI 12L day dehumidifier for home: Was £139.99, now £99.99,


Right now you can get almost 30 per cent of this swish Elecci dehumidifier. With smart controls, two-way timing and full-tank detection it’s sure to be an absolute doddle to use. Plus with night mode and its super quiet operation, you’ll hardly even notice it while it subtly cleans and improves the air around you. 

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How does a dehumidifier work?

Dehumidifiers are all about ousting excess moisture from the air in your home, which should ease the effects of damp – whether that be mould accumulating on the walls, or tackling dust mites (which thrive in warm, damp conditions).

There are actually two kinds of dehumidifier you can choose from, depending on the conditions in your home. The first of these is referred to as a refrigerator dehumidifier, as it works by drawing moisture in through a fan before cooling it with very cold, refrigerated coils. Cooling the air creates condensation, which collects in the dehumidifier’s tank (this is why transparent tanks can be helpful). These are generally best if your house tends to be warm.

The second relies on some kind of absorbent material, which will suck up any damp from the air that way. When this material is heated up, the moisture then drips into the water tank.

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