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Best air fryer deals to shop now, including sizzling savings on Ninja, Tefal and more

Lower your energy bills and cook up healthier meals, with these efficient appliances

Steve Hogarty
Wednesday 01 May 2024 17:28
You can do everything from grilling vegetables to cooking a roast dinner with these devices
You can do everything from grilling vegetables to cooking a roast dinner with these devices (The Independent)

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances or are yet to invest in an air fryer (perhaps Jamie Oliver’s latest show has swayed you), you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve rounded up the best air fryer deals to snap up this month.

In light of the rising cost of living, energy efficiency has become a top priority for many. Air fryers are not only cheaper to run than a conventional oven, they can also help you rustle up healthier meals in half the time. Some market-leading models can cost hundreds of pounds, though, so, if you’re on the hunt for a more affordable air fryer, we’ve got you covered.

Air fryers also use little or no oil to cook food, meaning healthier chips could be on your menu. You can do everything from grilling vegetables to cooking a roast dinner with these devices. Plus, you can choose between compact and larger models, to suit your kitchen and culinary requirements.

Among the most important stats to look for are the power and cooking times, as well as the capacity of the air fryer, which is sometimes measured in kilograms and sometimes in litres, depending on the manufacturer.

Keep reading for all the latest air fryer deals from UK retailers.

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The best air fryer deals for May 2024 in the UK are:

  • Ninja Foodi flex drawer dual zone air fryer: Was £269.99, now £219.99,
  • Tefal easy fry dual zone 8-in-1 air fryer, 8.3l: Was £179.99, now £149.99,
  • Tower vortx 3.8l colour air fryer: Was £59.99, now £39.99,
  • Philips essential air fryer: Was £129.99, now £61.99,

Ninja Foodi flex drawer dual zone air fryer: Was £269.99, now £219.99,

  • Power: 2,470W
  • Capacity: 10.4l
  • Dimensions: 49.3cm x 31.6cm x 32.7cm
  • Weight: 9.4kg

This stylish black and copper air fryer from Ninja is reduced by almost 20 per cent at Amazon. As functional as it is sophisticated, the appliance features a nifty flex drawer, enabling you to remove the divider to transform two independent cooking zones into one extra-large space. The different functions mean you can air fry, crisp, roast, bake, reheat, dehydrate and prove, all with just one handy tool.

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Tefal easy fry dual zone 8-in-1 air fryer, 8.3l: Was £179.99, now £149.99,

  • Power: 2,700W
  • Capacity: 8.3l
  • Dimensions: 40.2cm x 41.8cm x 30.5cm
  • Weight: 7.8kg

With two drawers of different sizes, this Tefal model gives you plenty of versatility. Cook a single portion in the smaller drawer or combine the two to cater for up to eight people. You can, of course, use the dual drawers to whip up different foods at the same time, too. Featuring a range of settings, the appliance can roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate as well as air fry, giving you plenty of mealtime options. Right now, you can save £30 on the price.

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Tower vortx 3.8l colour air fryer: Was £59.99, now £39.99,

  • Power: 1,500W
  • Capacity: 3.8l
  • Dimensions: 28.6cm x 26cm x 30.7cm
  • Weight: 3.3kg

Featuring a smart latte-brown colourway and streamlined design, this discounted air fryer from Tower looks very chic. The model was already fairly well-priced but, with this deal applied, you can snap it up for less than £40. As for what to expect, it’s a 3.8l model and, according to the brand, could save you 70 per cent on energy. With a simple, two-dials operation, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a more costly choice but it’s certainly a steal.

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Tower T17021 family-size air fryer with rapid air circulation: Was £69.99, now £42.98,

  • Power: 1,500W
  • Capacity: 4.3l
  • Dimensions: 29cm x 36.5cm x 32.5cm
  • Weight: 4.55kg

Discounted by almost 40 per cent, Tower’s family-size air fryer boasts rapid air circulation and a 4.3l capacity. A stellar option for larger households, the appliance cooks up to 30 per cent faster than a conventional oven, using little to no oil for healthier meals. From frying and roasting to grilling or baking, it rustles up everything from stuffed vegetables and muffins to pork chops and more.

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Philips essential air fryer: Was £129.99, now £61.99,

  • Power: 1,400W
  • Capacity: 4.1l
  • Dimensions: ‎36cm x 30cm x 27cm
  • Weight: 7kg

This entry-level air fryer is currently sliced in price by a tempting 52 per cent. Complete with a sizeable 4.1l capacity pan to cater for up to four people, there’s also a 0.8kg capacity basket. There are preset settings and a digital touch screen for ease, while its rapid-air-technology feature makes fried dishes with fewer calories and 90 per cent less fat. If you’re lacking inspiration for what to cook, you can find plenty of culinary ideas on the matching app.

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Tower xpress pro combo 10-in-1 digital air fryer oven with rotisserie: Was £139.99, now £75.50,

  • Power: 2,000W
  • Capacity: 11l
  • Dimensions:‎ 34cm x 32.5cm x 38.2cm
  • Weight: 5.81kg

Slashed in price by a sizzling 46 per cent, this model is an IndyBest tried-and-tested pick, having earned a spot in our review of the best air fryers. In addition to the all-important air fryer function, it can bake, roast, reheat, grill and more. Our tester named it the best for cooking meat, as there’s even a rotisserie setting, so, you can roast a chicken in less than an hour. Our reviewer also found “steaks were just as delicious as sausages, kebabs and burgers, and there was often enough room to slip some veg onto the shelf, to cook a full meal”.

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