House of Lords reform is not as straightforward as it may seem

Bold plans to reform the Lords have been announced before, only to be watered down or abandoned as they come into contact with the realities of life in Westminster, writes Andrew Woodcock

Thursday 08 December 2022 21:30 GMT
The House of Lords could be abolished by Sir Keir Starmer
The House of Lords could be abolished by Sir Keir Starmer (PA)

Gordon Brown’s report on the future of the UK earlier this week was 155 pages long and contained 40 detailed recommendations on everything from relations with the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales, to moving civil servants out of Whitehall and creating employment “clusters” around the country.

However, all most voters are likely to have remembered from it is that Labour will abolish the unelected House of Lords. And yet this is probably the proposal least likely to be implemented of all of Brown’s many ideas.

Sir Keir Starmer dutifully echoed the former prime minister’s judgement that Westminster’s second chamber is “indefensible” in its current form, and indicated it was something he’d like to do something about.

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