Trudy Tyler is WFH

‘2022 can only be better, right?’

Thanks to a positive test, Trudy finds all is quiet on New Year’s Eve. By Christine Manby

Sunday 02 January 2022 21:30

After much speculation, we were allowed our Happy Christmas. I spent the day with my neighbour Brenda and her sister Gwenda, setting the world – and the Sex and the City reboot – to rights over a family-sized bottle of Baileys. On Boxing Day I had a hangover the likes of which I had not experienced for a long time but the day was considerably brightened by an invitation to spend New Year’s Eve in Devon with Glenn. Given the ongoing Omicron situation, it seemed like a good idea to get out of Dodge while I still could. I was packing my bag on the morning of the 28th when Brenda sent me a WhatsApp.

“Sister tested positive last night. Me this morning. You’d better take a lateral flow...”

Fortunately I had some, despite the national shortages. Brenda had given me half a dozen as a Christmas present.

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